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Engineering Academies

UH/HCC Engineering Academy — Admission Process

UH/HCC Engineering Academy

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Fall 2024 UH/HCC Engineering Academy Application:

  • Final Deadline: July 1, 2024

Fall 2024 UH Application Deadlines:

  • Freshman Applicants: June 3, 2024
  • Transfer Applicants: June 24, 2024
  • International Applicants: May 6, 2024
  • UH Application Deadlines are subject to change. Please check the UH Admissions webpage for the most up-to-date information.


Prospective Academy students follow a three-part application process:

  1. Please follow the Steps to Apply and Enroll at HCC.
  2. If you are already an HCC Student, you will use your HCC ID number to complete step 2.

  1. Prospective students may apply online through the HCC Engineering website.
  2. Upload required documents including proof of Calculus readiness (Read more information about math placement below).

  1. Complete application through ApplyTexas or the Common Application.
  2. Check to be sure that you meet UH admissions requirements.


Acceptance into the UH/HCC Engineering Academy requires placement into Calculus I (MATH 2413). We also offer placement to applicants who are Pre-Calculus ready. Applicants who show Pre-Calculus readiness can choose to take Pre-Calculus with HCC prior to starting in the fall.  They can also choose to complete Pre-Calculus in their first semester with the Academy, which will require deferring Admission to UH for one semester (we will help with this when the time comes).

Here are the ways that we determine Math readiness:

Assessment Method

Calculus I (MATH 2413)

Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412)

SAT MSS score

620 or higher

580 or higher

ACT MATH score

27 or higher

24 or higher

Completed college-level course

Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412)

Trigonometry (MATH 1316)

AP Calculus

AB (Score 4); BC (Score 3)


If applicants do not meet the requirements above, there are additional math placement testing options:

Review the HCC Testing Services site for information about completing the Advanced Algebra and Functions Math Test. If you have questions about this option, please reach to our partners at HCC by email at hcc.uhengracademy [at] (hcc[dot]uhengracademy[at]hccs[dot]edu).

Required Score

Course Placement


Calculus I (MATH 2413)


Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412)

Admitted UH students have access to complete Math Placement Testing online through CASA (Center for Academic Support and Assessment). Registration is easy, there are preparation tools available, and applicants have the option to test for Calculus I (MATH 2413) and Pre-Calculus (MATH 2312).

Helpful Links:

UH Math Placement Exam

Calculus I


MATH 2413 Test (one attempt online)

80 or higher


MATH 2412 Test (two attempts online)


65 or higher