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Engineering Katy

UH Engineering Programs in Katy


UH Engineering's innovative and industry-relevant course offerings will continue to expand in the Katy area. All Master’s level courses are worth three-credit-hours and are open to degree-seeking students and, with the consent of the respective programs, non-degree-seeking students. The following courses will be offered in the fall of 2017 and may be applied toward a Master’s degree in subsea engineering based on successful admission into the respective graduate programs.


SUBS 6310: Flow Assurance

Taught by subsea engineering leader Phaneendra Kondapi, this Master's level course teaches the understanding of basic sciences, engineering and flow assurance principles and their application to the assessment, prevention and premeditation of low assurance problems in subsea systems.

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SUBS 6330: Pipeline Design

Taught by industry leader Burak Ozturk, this Master's level course provides a comprehensive overview of subsea pipelines, including pipeline design, flow assurance, material selection, pipeline installation and construction, inspection and integrity management, project management and advanced analysis methods. 

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ECE 6355: Well Logging

Taught by electrical and computer engineering expert Ji Chen, this Master’s level course discusses logging tools including electrical resistivity, induction, acoustic, dielectric, natural gamma ray, neutron density, pulse neutron, NMR and diameter. Various production tools are also discussed along with well-log data transmission, processing and recording. 

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Individuals must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field to apply for the graduate level courses in pressure transient testing and pipeline design. Applicants do not have to apply as degree-seeking students in order to enroll in the Katy courses.

To apply for the UH Engineering courses in Katy as a non-degree seeking student, please review these instructions.

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