UH Engineering STEMinst Podcast

Nicole Guinn explores the powerful stories and groundbreaking research by Women in STEM at the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering. Nicole is pursuing her PhD in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering where she specializes in Geosensing and Geology as a researcher with the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping. When not interviewing faculty or students about their STEM journeys, Nicole draws from her personal experiences to tell stories that rock!


Climate Change Changes Lives

An unprecedented heatwave in the Pacific Northwest. An early start to wildfire season. A fatal building collapse in Miami that some structural engineers suspect may have been caused by rising sea levels. These are just some recent examples of how our changing climate is changing lives. Listen and learn more about the fundamental causes and effects of climate change.


Return to Venus

The how, why, and when of Venus planetary exploration answered!



Refresh your tropical weather knowledge in the calm before Houston's next storm.



NASA's Mars rover touches down on Feb. 18


LiDAR In Your Pocket

Have you ever wanted to shoot lasers out of your phone?


Engineering a Disaster

How can a structure that was engineered to technical perfection still have deadly consequences?