UH Engineering STEMinist Podcast

UH Engineering STEMinist Podcast

The STEMINIST podcast is produced at the Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston aimed at celebrating trailblazing women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

You will hear industry leaders, engineering researchers, and female faculty members at the Cullen College talk about their journeys in STEM and how their work impacts the next generation of female STEMINISTs.

Season 3

Calling all female engineers!
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PhD candidate, Kristin Schaefer, asks for females in ages ranging from middle school to post-graduates to fill out her pre screening questionnaire for her research on engineering education. If you participated in an engineering enrichment program at a young age and continued on with engineering, please fill out the survey to have your voice heard!

Inside Industry: Artemis I Launch with NASA’s Orion Deputy Program Manager, Debbie Korth

In this episode, STEMINIST host Michelle Patrick-Krueger talks with Debbie Korth, the Orion Deputy Program Manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center talks about her role in designing, developing, testing, verifying, and certifying NASA’s next-generation human-rated spacecraft for Artemis missions. Listeners will also get an inside perspective on how the upcoming Artemis 1 mission will impact the next generation of space missions.

Dive Deep Into What It’s Like To Be A STEM Athlete

Elizabeth Richardson a UH industrial engineering senior and a member of the UH Swim & Dive team, talks with STEMINIST host Trinity Doan on her choice to be a student athlete and pursue a STEM degree.

Elizabeth also shares some advice on why pursuing an engineering degree is worthwhile.

Prepare for the Fair — Career Fair Tips & Tricks

We're preparing Cullen College engineers for the fall 2022 Engineering Career Fair. Emily Clark, University Recruiting Specialist from Haliburton is sharing tips & tricks that will help engineering students land your resume in the 'yes' pile.

Inside Industry Part 1: Hiring engineers in today's job market

In this 2-part episode, STEMINIST host Michelle Patrick-Krueger talks with CEO JesTech NASA, Subcontractor Nellie Chappel-White joins the STEMINIST podcast to share some insight on her experience hiring engineers in today's job market.

Inside Industry Part 2: Tips on how to stand out to future employers

STEMINIST host Michelle Patrick-Krueger is back for part 2 of her conversation with CEO JesTech NASA, Subcontractor Nellie Chappel-White shares some best practices on how to stand out amongst other applicants and some must-do things you can do to land the job!

Engineering Education Research: Creating pathways to receive an engineering education

In this episode, STEMINIST host Aria Shankar interviews Le Shorn Benjamin to talk about the importance of creating pathways to engineering . Le Shorn discusses some of her new research in the college focused around Engineering Education and how this work will lead to the development of an engineering education program at the University of Houston. In recognition of this important work, Benjamin was recently selected for the inaugural cohort of the American Society for Engineering Education's eFellos program.

Research in bioelectronic medicine with Dr. Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Gonzalez

In this episode, STEMINIST host Nusayba Eli-Ali interviews María Alejandra González-González, a UH postdoctoral researcher in the department of biomedical engineering. Maria shares more about her research in bioelectronic medicine and her journey to the University of Houston.

Inside Industry: Cyber Security and Why It Matters

In this episode, STEMINIST host Trinity Doan interviews BeBe Kelly- Serrato, an aerospace professional-systems safety engineer and cyber security coach. 

Trinity and BeBe discuss her cyber security career and offer tips on keeping individuals and organizations safe online in this digital age.

UH Femtech(+) Innovation Challenge: Meet Liana Gonzalez-Schulenberg

The Femtech(+) Innovation Challenge is a hack-a-thon style weekend where teams of students are asked to brainstorm business solutions to problems predominantly faced by women. STEMINIST host Aria Shankar talks with Liana Gonzalez-Schulenberg about the Femtech(+) challenge and what students should expect to get out of this annual event.

Femtech(+) Challenge and the next generation of innovators

STEMINIST host Aria Shankar continues her talk with Liana Gonzalez-Schulenberg about the Femtech(+) challenge and how this challenge is cultivating the next generation of innovators. 

1-on-1 with Space Engineer Anita Gale

In this episode, STEMINIST host Michelle Patrick-Krueger talks with Anita Gale a Senior Project Engineer in Space Shuttle Payload & Cargo Integration for The Boeing Company in Houston. Her professional career started on the Space Shuttle program in 1974 for Rockwell International in Downey, California. She provides conceptual designs for cargo integration on future launch vehicles, contributes to R&D for Shuttle upgrades and future missions of both reusable and expendable launch vehicles, and develops and fosters process improvements. We're so excited to have Anita on our podcast!

3.....2.....1...... A Space engineer's perspective on the future of space exploration

We’re back with the rest of the conversation with STEMINIST host Michelle Patrick-Krueger and Anita Gale. Listen as Anita shares her perspective on the future of space exploration and how contributions impact the next generation of space explorers.

Navigating Engineering Life at the Cullen College of Engineering — Sairah Samma

In this episode, STEMINIST host Trinity Doan talks with Sairah Samma, a #CullenCollege civil engineering graduate, about her experience at UH and her involvement in engineering student organizations helped her gain beneficial opportunities outside of the classroom.

One-On-One with Career Center Ambassador Adrianna Taing

STEMINIST host, Nusayba welcomes career center ambassador Adrianna Taing to this week's podcast episode. 

Learn more about Adrianna and what it's like to be a Career Center Ambassador in the college's career center. Adrianna also shares some tips to help engineering students prepare for the spring 2023 engineering career fair.

Podcast Hosts

Aria Shankar
Aria Shankar

Aria Shankar is a Biomedical Engineering senior interested in the interrelations of Engineering and other professional fields.

Michelle Patrick-Krueger
Michelle Patrick-Krueger

Michelle is a non-traditional PhD student researcher in the Electrical and Computer Engineering’s Brain Machine Interface Systems Lab.

Nusayba Eli-Ali

Nusayba is a biomedical engineering student. Nusayba is excited to explore the compelling stories of women in STEM at the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering and share them with you all.

Sarah Mukhida
Sarah Mukhida

Sarah is a sophomore mechanical engineering student who has a particular interest in clean energy and design efficiency.

Trinity Doan
Trinity Doan

Trinity is a junior pursuing a major in civil engineering who is curious to see what the world has to offer.