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Research at the Cullen College of Engineering

Research at the Cullen College is forward looking with the goal of solving tomorrow’s challenges facing our society.

Our faculty, students, and researchers are engaged in disciplinary and inter-disciplinary endeavors in almost every technical area critical to quality of life, economic growth and development, sustainability, and resilience. Whether in energy, water, power, materials, technology, communications, computing, manufacturing, or biotechnologies; our faculty is bold, impactful and distinctive in its recognition and national and international reputation. The faculty has built world-renowned laboratories; it partners with industry, and faculty members continue to excite students at all levels about research, and to publish with their students in top-tier journals.

Situated squarely in the middle of one of the most productive economic powerhouses, the Cullen College is reaching farther and aiming higher to lead in research and to cultivate a well-educated, diverse, and research-trained engineering workforce that ensures a sustainable future for Houston, Texas, the US and the world.

Our research ecosystem support framework is knowledgeable, advanced, responsive, and acts quickly to meet the needs of our diverse sponsor community that includes industry, federal and non-federal sponsors. Our research culture is to be innovative, daring, impactful, and transformative in all our research and research translation activities.

Research Frontiers

  • Bioengineering
    Designing, analyzing, and developing novel biological systems, processes, devices, and technologies for prevention and treatment of disease.
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  • Biomedical
    Developing innovative and impactful diagnostics, therapies, and life sciences and medical technologies to improve healthcare and healthcare delivery systems.
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  • Complex Systems
    Complex Systems
    Understanding complexity in systems and the collective behavior of their parts to stimulate revolutionary breakthroughs.
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  • Computing
    Developing innovative computer hardware and software, computable processes, programming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, visualization, information systems and technologies.
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  • Education
    Researching teaching knowledge and principles of engineering and attracting student to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and assuring student success, retention, and graduation.
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  • Energy
    Developing innovative energy systems and energy services to increase efficiency and sustainability of conventional, unconventional, and renewable energy technologies.
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  • Environment
    Developing innovative and protective means to address climate change, improve environmental quality, mitigate natural hazards and create sustainable and resilient natural and human-designed systems.

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  • Infrastructure
    Developing sustainable, efficient, environment-friendly, and reliable building blocks of society for transportation, urbanization, telecommunication, recreation, and energy.
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  • Manufacturing
    Fabricating, processing, preparing, and automating the assembly, and development of novel products from raw materials to increase industrial productivity and cost-efficiency.
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  • Materials
    Creating, designing, improving, and discovering novel materials for better solutions to technological, societal, and environmental problems. Advancing biomaterials, ceramics, electronic materials, metals, and polymers affecting many engineering fields and industries.
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  • Power
    Generating, transmitting, distributing, and utilizing electric power for the benefit of society while improving efficiency, resiliency and sustainability of power systems and power grids.
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  • Sensors
    Developing devices for detecting, measuring, recording, and responding to physical stimuli to improve the operation, reliability, serviceability, and utility of natural and engineered systems.
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Mail: University of Houston
Cullen College of Engineering
Engineering Building 2, Room E421
4222 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Houston, TX 77204-4007
egrgrant [at] (egrgrant[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu)

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