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Create@UH Program

A critical and foundational element of undergraduate engineering education, as required by ABET accreditation as well as the professional practice of Engineering, is the senior design/capstone experience in which students work in teams to develop solutions that address real-world design problems. Given the importance of these skills, many programs also include design courses and hands-on activities as part of their undergraduate curriculum prior to the senior year. To enhance this experience for all engineering undergraduate students and fulfill the vision of creating excellence in multidisciplinary engineering design education and entrepreneurship, the Cullen College of Engineering established the Create@UH program.

Create@UH, in close collaboration with departments and their design faculty leaders, provides support for curricular-based design activities for all engineering undergraduate majors through:


Design Labs/Makerspaces

Safety is always the first priority in Create@UH labs. Students using labs/makerspaces will be asked to sign in/out and adhere to the lab’s safety protocols (e.g., all injuries, regardless of how minor, MUST be reported to the lab assistant, keep your work area clean, and always clean up after yourself).

Room E129, Engineering Building 2

Room E129, Engineering Building 2, is available for use by all engineering undergraduate majors for curricular-based project work. This lab has approximately 7-8 tables with chairs and white boards for teams of students to use. To make a reservation to use this space, currently one student from the team needs to go to room E129 in person (an online reservation system will be developed later). However, walk-ins are also welcome (based on space availability).

Bates Law Building

Other labs/makerspaces will become available in the near future. Stay tuned for further announcements.


Project Showcase Events

Select capstone/senior design projects from each department will be invited to participate in the Cullen College of Engineering’s Create@UH Showcase. This major event will highlight undergraduate engineering students’ remarkable work for an audience of alumni and industry representatives.