Academic Advisors

Engineering Advising

New and transfer students will be advised by the Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office until they specify a major in one of the eight degree programs. Academic advisors will help students select courses, discuss program requirements, including new or changed prerequisites, and in general help keep students aware of activities and opportunities in their department (e.g. scholarships, student organizations).

For engineering academic advising for new and transfer students, contact the Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office at 713-743-4200, or email an advisor below:

Lesley Sisk
Executive Director, Undergraduate Programs
ldsisk [at]
Kelly Schulz
Program Director 1
kjschulz [at]
Monica Padilla
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Success
msanchez14 [at]
Stephanie Williams
Academic Advisor III
swoods [at]


Departmental Academic Advisors