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Mail: University of Houston
Cullen College of Engineering
E421 Engineering Bldg 2, Houston, TX 77204-4007
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Email: info [at] egr [dot] uh [dot] edu

Upcoming Events / Seminars

Date Time Title
09/03/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Subsea Engineering: Challenging the next generation of engineers
09/04/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] Life at the Interface
09/10/2015 2:30 pm [ME] The spin degree of freedom in thermoelectrics
09/11/2015 10:30 am [CHBE] Pathological nucleation of hemozoin in malaria parasites
09/11/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] Designing Water Treatment Membranes to Improve Longevity and Performance
09/16/2015 11:30 am Williams Networking BBQ Luncheon
09/17/2015 10:00 am Engineering Career Fair
09/17/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Vehicle Run-Off-Road and Recovery - Development of Laboratory Training Tools and Nonlinear Control Algorithms for On- Board Systems
09/17/2015 5:00 pm BOS (Beginning of Semester) Party!
09/18/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] Microfracture Processes Triggering Shear Band Bifurcation in Porous Crystalline Rocks
09/24/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Design Domain of LED-based Solid State Lighting Considering Cost, Energy Consumption and Reliability
09/25/2015 (All day) [CHBE] OCHEGS
09/25/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] On the Mechanical Properties of Novel Metallic Glass Architectures: A Molecular Dynamics Investigation
10/01/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Bridging Combustion and Nanotechnology
10/02/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] TBA
10/06/2015 11:30 am Civil & Environmental Engineering Alumni Luncheon
10/08/2015 2:30 pm [ME] In Situ Nanomechanics
10/09/2015 10:30 am [CHBE] Heterogeneous catalyst design at the single atom limit: a diverse reaction landscape
10/09/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] New Progress and Innovation in Desalination Technology for Water Resources
10/15/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Pathway to model oceanic overflow: experimental study of stratified flows
10/15/2015 6:00 pm Women in Engineering Networking & Welcome Event
10/16/2015 10:30 am [CHBE] Under Pressure and in Hot Water- Algae Conversion to Fuels and Chemicals
10/16/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] Major Issues Regarding Thermoelectrics
10/22/2015 2:30 pm [ME] How do cells find their centers, push out their boundaries, and spin their nuclei?: Answers to these mysteries revealed by multi-scale modeling
10/22/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Collaboration and Control in Networked Systems
10/22/2015 4:00 pm Undergraduate Research Day 2015
10/23/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Materials and Cross-Property Connections
10/30/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] The Enhanced Effective Thickness Method for Laminated Glass
11/05/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Flow Boiling in Microchannels – New Pathways to High Heat Flux Dissipation
11/05/2015 5:30 pm Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) Dinner and Meeting
11/06/2015 10:30 am [CHBE] Clicking Polymers Together: Assembly of Complex, Controlled Polymer Structures from Efficient Chemistries
11/06/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] Case Histories of Artificial Intelligence Application in Transportation Engineering
11/07/2015 (All day) UH Engineering Homecoming
11/12/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Model-Free control theory and application based on the uncertainty and disturbance estimator
11/13/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] An Extended Finite Element Model of Crevice and Pitting Corrosion
11/19/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Stability and Transition on Flight Vehicles
11/20/2015 2:30 pm [CIVE] Discrete Fracture Network Modeling for Subsurface Systems
11/27/2015 (All day) [CHBE] No seminar- Thanksgiving
12/03/2015 2:30 pm [ME] Graphene Electrodes for Next Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries
12/04/2015 10:30 am [CHBE] Title TBA