Upcoming Events / Seminars

Date Time Title
[ME] MEMS-based innovations for optimized management of Type I diabetes
[PROMES] Launch Event: Test Anxiety Reduction, Heidel
[BME] Human sensorimotor behavior
[EPIE] From Star Trek to NASA to Becoming a Venture Partner
[PROMES] Launch Event: Test Preparation, Hall
[ME] Inspiration By The Cardiovascular System
[PROMES] PROMES Scholar Fall Meeting
[BME] Neuromodulation therapies
[ME] GaN Devices in Power Electronics, Space Missions, and Quantum Photonics
[PROMES] Women of PROMES H.E.R. (Health, Empowerment, and Resilience) Brunch
[BME] Diagnostic Imaging Research
[ME] Energy Transfer and Conversion in Nanoscale Gaps
Engineering Alumni Awards Gala
[BME] Brain neuromodulation research
[PROMES] Women of PROMES (Global Leader Network) & EWB … Chevron & UH CAPS
[ME] Controls of Wind Energy Systems: from Turbine, Farm to Offshore Floating
[PROMES] PROMES International Education Week
[PROMES] All PROMES Applications Open
[ME] Phase-field modeling of fracture: nucleation, dissipation, large deformation, and complex stress states
[PROMES] PROMES Virtual Holiday Party
[PROMES] BEYA Orientation

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