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Tianfu Wu, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, has developed a new probe for in-vivo detection of the protein that is a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. Research From BME's Wu Shows Progress on Early Alzheimer’s Disease
June 14, 2022
Inside the body, some seemingly harmless proteins have sinister potential. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, the amyloid-beta (Aβ) protein, which is vital for brain growth, can… Read More
Mario Romero-Ortega, Cullen Endowed Professor of Biomedical Engineering, is reporting that his newly created and implantable nerve attachment microchannel electrode consistently induces an immediate and reproducible arterial depressor effect in response to electrical stimulation. BME Research Finds Deep Nerve Stimulation Consistently Reduces Blood Pressure
June 7, 2022
A University of Houston biomedical engineer is expanding the study of wireless electrodes to treat hypertension and is reporting that blood pressure and renal sympathetic nerve… Read More
Chandra Mohan, M.D., Ph.D., Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Endowed Professor of biomedical engineering, has identified biomarkers for heart disease and for children with lupus nephritis. Mohan Identifies Biomarkers for Heart Disease and for Children with Lupus Nephritis
June 2, 2022
Two separate findings by a University of Houston nationally recognized expert in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus), a chronic autoimmune disease that affects multiple… Read More
Yan Yao (left) and Ye Zhang work with all-solid-state sodium batteries. ECE's Yao, Research Team Develop Sodium Glassy Electrolytes Capable of Supporting Long-Duration Grid-Scale Energy Storage
June 1, 2022
Lithium-ion batteries are currently the preferred technology to power electric vehicles, but they’re too expensive for long-duration grid-scale energy storage systems, and lithium… Read More
Kyung Jae Lee, an Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering at the Cullen College of Engineering, uses a new paper to describe the potential of petroleum-based rock brines as a new source of lithium. Cullen Researcher Determines Shale Reservoirs Could be Substantial Lithium Source
May 18, 2022
It might seem paradoxical, but producing oil and gas from shale reservoirs could actually help the world transition to cleaner energy sources. One of the keys to a successful… Read More
Dimitrios Kalliontzis, an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the Cullen College of Engineering, has received a pair of grants to conduct research into shear failures for Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC). CEE's Kalliontzis receives 2 grants to study concrete performance
May 16, 2022
A professor at the Cullen College of Engineering has received a pair of grants that will utilize the one-of-a-kind machinery available at the University of Houston to conduct… Read More
Luis Bernardo López-Sosa, a professor of engineering for energy sustainability at UIIM and a former exchange student at UH shows students in the Mexican state of Michoacán how the solar stove he developed with UH professor Francisco Robles-Hernández works. UH Professor, Graduate Think Soot Can Help with the Energy Transition
May 9, 2022
Turning environmental pollutants into renewable solar energy while reducing carbon emissions may seem like something plucked out of a science-fiction film, but researchers from… Read More
Tianfu Wu, University of Houston associate professor of biomedical engineering, reports potential lupus nephritis biomarkers which may be useful for developing more accurate clinical blood tests for the disease, replacing the existing invasive test, the painful renal biopsy. BME Professor Developing Diagnostics for Lupus Nephritis
May 4, 2022
Large Scale Protein Exam Leads to Potential Biomarkers The nature of a typical clinical test for lupus nephritis (LN), an inflammation of the kidneys and a leading cause of… Read More
Gino Lim, R. Larry and Gerlene (Gerri) R. Snider Endowed Chair of Industrial Engineering, proposes the use of drones with built-in wireless electrification line battery charging systems to extend flight time and patrol U.S. borders. System Developed by IE Drone Pioneer Provides Continuous Live Monitoring
March 7, 2022
To enhance security of the nation’s border, a pioneer in drone technology at the University of Houston is proposing a continuous flight of small drones over its perimeter. One… Read More
Xiaonan Shan and his team have developed a “novel in-situ” 3D microscopy to image and study the localized electrochemical environments and understand where dendrites start forming in batteries. ECE's Shan Developing Imaging Technique to Understand How Dendrites Form in Batteries
February 24, 2022
As the world lessens its dependence on fossil fuels, industries and manufacturers are turning to lithium-ion batteries to power the machines that make modern life possible. These… Read More

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