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Bo Zhao, Kalsi Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering, and his doctoral student, Sina Jafari Ghalekohneh, have created new architecture that improves the efficiency of solar energy harvesting to the thermodynamic limit. ME Professor, Student's Solar Harvesting System has Potential to Generate Power 24/7
October 3, 2022
Thomas Edison once said, “So long as the sun shines, man will be able to develop power in abundance.”  His wasn’t the first great mind to marvel at the notion of harnessing the… Read More
Jerrod Henderson, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, is the PI for a team from the University of Houston and the University of Michigan that has received an additional grant from the National Science Foundation to further their collaborative research into improving underrepresented student engagement in STEM. Professors receive another grant for underrepresented student engagement in STEM
August 31, 2022
A team from the University of Houston and the University of Michigan have received an additional grant from the National Science Foundation to further their collaborative research… Read More
Navin Varadarajan, M.D. Anderson Professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, studied the dynamic interactions between T cells and tumor cells to determine which patients are likely to respond to CAR T-cell therapy to treat lymphoma. Technology Developed at UH Could Advance Treatment of Lymphoma
August 24, 2022
In the war against cancer, one of the most critical battles is waged on a cellular level as T cells from the immune system are altered in the lab to attack cancer cells. This form… Read More
Jeffrey Rimer, Abraham E. Dukler Professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Houston, has summarized methods of making zeolites in the lab and examined how the emergence of data analytics and machine learning are aiding zeolite design. Building the Best Zeolite
August 11, 2022
Review Concludes Big Data Rocks, Pushing Formation of Crystals Forward If science and nature were to have a baby, it would surely be the zeolite. This special rock, with its… Read More
Alamgir Karim. Complex Coacervate Droplets as a Model Material for Studying the Electrodynamic Response and Manipulation of Biological Materials
August 4, 2022
Manipulating solid particles of a few micrometers in size using an electric field has been of great interest to physicists. These controllable particles can be assembled into… Read More
Long Chang, a Research Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the Cullen College of Engineering and expert at the UH nanofabrication facility, answered the call when NASA was looking for a way to honor the thousands of people contributing to the Artemis I mission. Names of Artemis I Team Members Headed to Space on Microchips Made at University of Houston
July 27, 2022
Mission: Microchips On July 20th, 53 years after Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind, NASA announced target launch dates for the Artemis I… Read More
Zhifeng Ren and Jiming Bao, principal investigators at the Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH, have for the first time experimentally discovered that a cubic boron arsenide crystal offers high carrier mobility for both electrons and holes, suggesting a major advance for next-generation electronics. Researchers Report Major Advance in Semiconductor Materials
July 21, 2022
High Carrier Mobility in Cubic Boron Arsenide Offers Promise for Next-Gen Electronics Researchers have for the first time experimentally discovered that a cubic boron arsenide… Read More
Jinsook Roh will be using a Harmony exoskeleton for research in her REIGN lab. UH Purchases Harmony Upper Body Exoskeleton for Stroke Rehab Research
July 13, 2022
AUSTIN, TX –– Harmonic Bionics, the robotics company for augmenting human movement, announced on July 12 that the University of Houston has purchased and received a Harmony SHR™… Read More
Tianfu Wu, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, has developed a new probe for in-vivo detection of the protein that is a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. Research From BME's Wu Shows Progress on Early Alzheimer’s Disease
June 14, 2022
Inside the body, some seemingly harmless proteins have sinister potential. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, the amyloid-beta (Aβ) protein, which is vital for brain growth, can… Read More
Mario Romero-Ortega, Cullen Endowed Professor of Biomedical Engineering, is reporting that his newly created and implantable nerve attachment microchannel electrode consistently induces an immediate and reproducible arterial depressor effect in response to electrical stimulation. BME Research Finds Deep Nerve Stimulation Consistently Reduces Blood Pressure
June 7, 2022
A University of Houston biomedical engineer is expanding the study of wireless electrodes to treat hypertension and is reporting that blood pressure and renal sympathetic nerve… Read More

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