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Archived News — March 2017

James can manipulate the size and position of a hologram — in this case, a three-dimensional topographic map. Photo courtesy of Evan James Senior’s Hologram Software Could be Used to Augment Reality
March 24, 2017
This article was originally published in the Daily Cougar. Please click here to read the article on the Daily Cougar website.   Wearing a bulky version of La Forge’s visor from “...
The dream team: Debora Rodrigues (top) and Yandi Hu are improving the water purification process UH Engineers Join Forces to Transform Water Purification System
March 23, 2017
When it comes to clean water, Yandi Hu and Debora Rodrigues have a thirst for it. Hu, UH assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, works with Flint, Michigan on...
Lifetime Achievement Award — Charles A. Beyer Engineering Alumni Association Announces 2017 Gala Honorees
March 23, 2017
The 2016 UH Cullen College of Engineering Alumni Awards Gala will be held at the Bayou City Event Center on Thursday, June 8, 2017. The annual event, hosted by the Engineering...
Breaking limits: Hadi Ghasemi at the controls Hadi Ghasemi Creates New Material, Breaks Limits of Leidenfrost Phenomenon
March 13, 2017
UH engineer Hadi Ghasemi, Bill D. Cook Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering, is set to change history with his invention of a new material that provides efficient heat...
PHOTOS: John Rogers Shares the Future of Soft Electronics for the Human Body at Engineering Rockwell Lecture
March 10, 2017
Imagine an electronic “tattoo” on your skin that could continuously monitor your health, or tiny, biocompatible sensors that could treat a traumatic brain injury at the site. It...
MRI-Powered Mini-Robots Could Offer Targeted Treatment
March 8, 2017
Invasive surgical techniques – cutting through the breastbone for open heart surgery or making a large incision to inspect an abdominal tumor – allow physicians to effectively...
Ruqaiya Shipchandler, chemical engineering student, SWE-UH VP-External Engineering Student Op-Ed: Significant Figures
March 2, 2017
Significant Figures: A reflection on the film ‘Hidden Figures’ by an engineering student who hides her figure I had high expectations as I walked into the theater with twenty of...
Giancarlo Mitterhofer displays the user-friendly interface of the Renaissance Management System behind him. Making smart buildings smarter: mechanical engineering alumnus invents smart building technology
March 2, 2017
From his office in west Houston, UH Cullen College of Engineering alumnus Giancarlo Mitterhofer (BSME ’03) looks down at his smartphone and realizes two things: he’s not making as...
Launch into Engineering is a launch into fun for high schoolers UH Society of Women Engineers Hosts High Schoolers
March 2, 2017
Approximately 120 Houston high school students blasted onto the UH campus to launch into engineering! The 5th annual “Launch into Engineering” is a STEM (science, technology,...