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The University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering offers a wide range of advanced, industry-relevant research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. All undergraduate and graduate students at the Cullen College are strongly encouraged to get hands-on research experience in one of the many faculty research groups, labs or centers on campus while they are pursuing their degrees.

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Addressing our Society’s Most Pressing Challenges

  • Mitigating Natural Disasters
    Mitigating Natural Disasters
  • Fighter jet
    Securing Our Nation
  • Reducing Carbon Footprints
    Reducing Carbon Footprints
  • Equitable Futures
    Equitable Futures
  • Engineering Healthcare Technologies
    Engineering Healthcare Technologies
  • Working Towards Healthier Communities
    Working Towards Healthier Communities

The Cullen College boasts an exceptionally talented, highly skilled, world-renowned team of faculty, many of whom are members of the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Inventors, and National Science Foundation CAREER awardees, among others.

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Centers & Institutes
Centers & Institutes

Engineering faculty lead College Research and Academic Centers and are active members and leaders of other College Centers and University Level Centers and Institutes (ULCIs).


Facilities within the Cullen College offer external testing and capabilities to research groups, government agencies and other entities interested in advancing technology and discovery.


Industry-relevant consortia at the college help drive solutions for the world's most pressing issues.

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