Industry Consortia

  • The Center for Subsurface Modeling and Characterization Consortium (CSMC)
    PI: Chen, Ji
    PI's email: jchen18 [at]
    Affiliated Faculty: Ce, Liu
    Members: Chevron, Halliburton, Schlumberger Oilfield Services
  • The Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility Industry/University Cooperative Research Center
    PI: Chen, Ji
    PI's email: jchen18 [at]
    Members: Cyberonics, Tubel Family Trust, MicroSystems Engineering, Research in Motion, Huawei, Molex, Liu Law Group, EndoStim, MANA MRI, MicroTransponder, ETS Lindgren, Halliburton, Shanghai United Imaging Heathcare Co., Nanjing ECO Microwave System Co., Livanova, Endo Pharmaceuticals
  • The Electric Power Analytics Consortium (EPAC)
    PI: Han, Zhu
    PI's email: zhan2 [at]
    Members: Centerpoint Energy
  • The Systems Research and Education Consortium (SREC)
    PI: Chen, Yuhua
    PI's email: yuhuachen [at]
    Members: Halliburton
  • I/UCRC for Building Reliable Advances and Innovation in Neurotechnology (BRAIN)
    PI: Contreras-Vidal, Jose
    PI's email: jlcontreras-vidal [at]
    Affiliated Faculty: Yu, Cunjiang; Pollonini, Luca; Mayerich, David
    Members: 3Scan, Brain Vision LLC, TIRR Memorial, Indus Instruments, Gogoa, The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
  • The Numerical Pore-Scale Modeling Consortium
    PI: Qin, Guan
    PI's email: gqin2 [at]
    Affiliated Faculty: Palmer, Jeremy; Thakur, Ganesh
    Members: Sinopec, Tracey Energy Technologies
  • The Consortium for Rock Properties Measurement, Microscopy, and Modeling (RPM3)
    PI: Hathon, Lori
    PI's email: lahathon [at]
    Affiliated Faculty: Myers, Michael
  • The Power Electronics-Microgrids and Subsea Electrical Systems Consortium (PEMSEC)
    PI: Rajashekara, Kaushik
    PI's email: ksraja [at]
    Affiliated Faculty: Krishnamoorthy, Harish
    Members: Baker Hughes
  • The Testing of Low Permeability Formations Research Consortium (TLPFRC)
    PI: Soliman, Mohammad
    PI's email: mysoliman [at]
    Members: Southwestern Energy Company; Marathon Oil; Hess
  • The International Polymers and Soft Matter Consortium (IPSMC)
    PI: Karim, Alamgir
    PI's email: akarim3 [at]
    Affiliated Faculty: Robertson, Megan
    Members: Laird Technologies