Dr. Brankovic, Stanko R.

Paper Outlining Fuel Cell Discovery Wins AIChE Best Fundamental Paper Award

Stanko Brankovic and Lars Grabow, two UH Cullen College of Engineering professors, accept the STS-AIChE Best Fundamental Paper Award.

Cullen College engineering professors collaborate to solve monolayer catalyst mystery


The South Texas Section (STS) of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) chose a paper written by two UH Cullen College of Engineering professors and their Ph.D. students for its Best Fundamental Paper Award.

The award was presented Tuesday at the monthly STS-AIChE meeting in Galveston.

Stanko Brankovic Wins Top Award in Field of Chemical Engineering

Stanko Brankovic's work in electrochemicals electrifies leading organization

If there were Academy Awards in the field of electrochemical material science, Stanko Brankovic, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Cullen College and past chair of the materials science division of the International Society of Electrochemistry, would be taking home an Oscar.

For Stanko Brankovic, Life is Speeding Up

Professor Stanko Brankovic, first to understand speed of forming catalysts

That exciting feeling you get when you've made a breakthrough discovery and you know that something that seemed impossible yesterday is now completely clear – that's the feeling that Stanko Brankovic, professor of electrical and computer engineering, has about his recent discovery of the speed in which catalysts are formed.

“I’m in the same position as Sir Isaac Newton was when the apple hit him in the head! It’s that same excitement, a ‘Wow!' moment,” said Brankovic.

ECE Professor Wins Grant for Thin Film Cracking Research

Although almost invisible to the naked eye, thin film coatings are used in millions of products that many people use in their daily lives. Found in everything from smartphone touchscreen displays to implantable medical devices, surface coatings add value to products by making them last longer and perform better.

UH Seed Funding Supports New Research in Catalysis, Nanofabrication


Ask any professor: A good idea alone isn’t likely to receive serious research funding. Big awards almost always have some data that supports the project, that shows the researcher’s idea should work.

In a classic catch-22, though, getting this data itself takes money. Materials for experiments, graduate student time, lab space, computing power – none of these are free.

Industry Group Funding Professor’s Integrated Circuit Research


A semiconductor industry group has awarded an $80,000 grant to a University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering professor to develop a new way to connect transistors in integrated circuits (ICs), which are at the heart of practically every electronic device.

College Faculty Recognized for Teaching, Research

Dean Joseph Tedesco recognized UH Cullen College of Engineering faculty members for outstanding teaching and research during the 2010-2011 academic year at the college's Spring Faculty/Staff Meeting May 3.

Professor Wins Grant from Semiconductor Giant


National Semiconductor, the world’s largest maker of analog circuits, has given $160,000 to a Cullen College of Engineering professor to develop new metal alloys for possible use in devices that require top-notch reliability.

The grant to Stanko Brankovic, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, will be used to support two graduate students and to design and build an entirely new machine for testing the properties of these alloys.

Engineering Students Showcase Research at Undergraduate Research Day

Mechanical engineering student Ethan Pedneau showcases his poster at the 6th Annual Undergraduate Research Day at the University of Houston. Photo by Thomas Shea.

At the Cullen College of Engineering, students learn not just in the classroom, but through hands-on work. The University of Houston celebrated the work of more than a dozen of these students, along with many more from across UH, at the 6th Annual Undergraduate Research Day earlier this month.

Engineering Professors Earn Honors for Teaching, Research


Each year, the university recognizes excellence in teaching, service, research and scholarship through a variety of awards given to faculty.

Presented during the 32nd Annual University of Houston Faculty Awards Ceremony April 27, five engineering professors were honored for their distinguished contributions to the university.

UH Researcher to Study Electropolishing Effects on Particle Accelerators


To better understand the fundamental laws of nature, researchers worldwide utilize particle accelerators to explore high-energy interactions at the atomic level. By propelling high-velocity beams of protons, neutrons or electrons toward their targets, these instruments are capable of shattering the nucleus of an atom to reveal its subatomic structure—the very particles that make up matter.

Grant Earns Engineering Researcher State-of-the-Art Tool

Stanko Brankovic, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, shows off his new Raider M system. A top of the line machine, a grant from its creator, Semitool Inc., earned it a place in his lab. Photo by Thomas Shea.

An equipment grant from Semitool Inc. has afforded a University of Houston researcher a sophisticated machine that could make it possible to apply what has been learned in his lab to control stress levels in the thin films used in everyday sensors and magnetic recording devices.