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ECE Professor Serves as Editor of Electrochemical Journal Special Issue


Ashley Schwartz

Stanko Brankovic, associate professor of electric and computer engineering at the Cullen College, was invited to serve as a guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society (JES).

The special issue, titled “Electrochemical Deposition as Surface Controlled Phenomenon: Fundamentals and Applications,” explores the topic of electrochemical deposition, a process by which a metal film is deposited onto a conductive surface from a metal  ion containing solution. Electrochemical deposition is used in the manufacturing of many products that are ubiquitous to everyday life, but researchers have yet to fully understand the process at an atomic level.

“Studies on electrochemical deposition at an atomic level continue to yield surprises,” said Brankovic, who has been studying the phenomenon for over a decade.

Coatings created by electrochemical deposition range from purely aesthetic – such as a gold coating on a piece of jewelry – to performance and safety-enhancing – such as creating conductive pathways in circuit boards or adding a protective coating to the wings of an airplane. Researchers are now studying the fundamental underpinnings of electrochemical deposition at the nanoscale to both improve and expand applications of the process.

“These special editions allow us to gather exceptional research and breakthroughs that have the potential to grow the field in a considerable way,” said Brankovic.

For this issue, JES has appointed a prestigious group of technical editors to advance the field of electrochemical science and technology by presenting valuable and innovative work.

Brankovic is currently directing the Cullen College’s Electrochemical Nanofabrication and Nanomaterials Synthesis Group, a research group dedicated to understanding physical and chemical processes that occur at electrochemical interfaces. His research has been published in top-tier journals including Surface Science, Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering and Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry.

JES is one of the leading journals in the field of electrochemical science and technology. It is one of the most-cited journals in the fields of electrochemistry and materials science, coatings and films.



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