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Engineering Alumni Association

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Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen

Nhung Nguyen (BS Petroleum Engineering, '2021) was a distinguished student at the UH Department of Petroleum Engineering, where she held multiple scholarships. She was one of only three students from the United States selected as part of 100 students from around the world to attend the Education Week at the International Petroleum Technology Conference in 2020. She was also an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineer UH Chapter Petrobowl Team. She became Petrobowl team lead for almost 2 years and helped her team to won third place internationally for the first time in the UH history in 2021. After graduation, she spent most of her time to take care of her new-born baby while volunteering for EAA and maintaining part-time status as a Master student at UH. In September 2022, she joined SLB as a Performance Live Measurements Engineer. Her team represents the sustainable future of the company by enhancing performance and safety through remote operations. She effectively learned to run complex technologies, provide real time services for clients, and develop excellent communication skills through teamwork. In May 2023, she was recognized as the most popular mentee of the month. She has a goal of becoming a professional engineer, completing her master’s degree while determining to spend more time to volunteer.