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Undergraduate Academic Policies
Course Load

Full Time

The University considers an undergraduate to be "full-time" if the student is enrolled for a minimum of:

Semester Semester Credit Hours
Fall and Spring Twelve
Summer Sessions II and III Eight
Summer Sessions I and IV Four

The College of Engineering maximum course load is 19 semester hours for fall or spring, 7 during each 6 week summer session or 14 total for all summer sessions. Engineering students expecting to graduate in four years with an engineering bachelor's degree should expect to take 16-18 hours each semester.

Enrollment over these maxima to a level of 22 hours can only be done by "adding" courses, and an approved overload petition is required. This petition must be approved by your academic advisor and the Undergraduate Associate Dean of Engineering, and generally requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or graduating-semester enrollment.

Recommended Course Loads for Students

Recommended course load guidelines based on academic status and employment work load per week are charted below:

Academic Status Employment Work Load/Week Recommended Semester Course Load
Probation Not employed 15 hour limit
Clear 1–20 hours Not more than 14 hours
Probation 1–20 hours Not more than 12 hours
Clear 20–30 hours Not more than 13 hours
Probation 20–30 hours Not more than 10 hours
Clear 30–40 hours Not more than 10 hours
Probation 30–40 hours Not more than 7 hours

You should expect to devote a minimum of three hours of study time per week, outside of classes, for each semester hour of course load.