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Project Request Forms

Graphic Design Request

Include as much information as possible, including format of the piece, what content exists and what content needs to be created, delivery date, etc. Note that requests should be made as far in advance of your delivery date as possible. Last-minute requests may be denied based on project load, along with the time required for proofing, official approval and/or printing and mailing. Once your request is submitted, it will be assigned to an Engineering Office of Communications graphic designer, who will contact you with any questions. All design requests are evaluated and assigned priority based on project scope, resource requirements, time frame and potential impact; as such, it is not guaranteed that your request will be approved or completed before the deadline you provide.


Photo/Video Request

The Engineering Office of Communications has one staff photographer/videographer. Requests for photo or video services must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the event or shoot date. The staff photographer/videographer gives priority to all college-level events; as such, coverage is not guaranteed for all requests submitted.


Web Updates Request 

To request a change to an existing webpage/website, please fill out the form.


News Cover​age Request

To request an article be written about something newsworthy within the college, please fill out the form.


Event Marketing Request


General Project Request