Services and Policies

Creative Services

The Engineering Office of Communications provides full-service creative production to increase brand awareness and visibility of the Cullen College of Engineering.

  • marketing brochures
  • newsletters and magazines
  • postcards and invitations
  • posters
  • custom illustration
  • flyers
  • Graphic design requests should be made as far in advance as possible. Last-minute requests may not be accommodated depending on project queue.
  • Allow additional time for proofing, UH Branding approval and/or printing and mailing.
  • All creative services must adhere to strict UH Branding standards. As such, creative and graphic design elements are not negotiable.
  • To learn more about UH Brand standards and policies, please visit


Photo/Video Services

The Engineering Office of Communications provides photo and video services, including:

  • portrait photos
  • event photos/videos
  • promotional photos/videos

Requests for photo or video services must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the event or shoot date. The staff photographer/videographer gives priority to all college-level events; as such, coverage is not guaranteed for all requests submitted. To request photos or videos, please complete a Photography/Videography Project Request Form.


Event Marketing Services

The Engineering Office of Communications provides event marketing services, including:

  • invitation design and distribution
  • event marketing
  • photo/video event coverage

Marketing for an event – which includes photo and video coverage of the event – should be considered at the outset of the event planning. Event marketing may include invitation design and distribution, RSVP logistics, design and ordering of promotional items, and photo and video coverage of the event. Requests for event marketing assistance should be made at least two months in advance of the event (invitations for events should be mailed no later than 1.5 months before the event date). To request event marketing, please complete an Event Marketing Request Form.


Digital Marketing Services

Digital Signage

The Engineering Office of Communications maintains content on video monitors throughout the engineering buildings. If you would like to use the video screens to promote a Cullen College event or initiative, please contact Rachel Knudsen at riward [at]

If you are submitting a slide, please note that it should be a high-quality, landscape orientation, PNG, JPG, or PDF format, and no larger than 1MB. 


E-Communications Services

The Office of Communications manages two internal e-mail lists for the College of Engineering:

  • Engineering Students List (engineering-student [at]
  • Engineering Faculty/Staff List (engi-dist [at]
Policies regarding e-communications to faculty/staff e-mail list:
  • All faculty and staff members in the Cullen College can send emails to the engineering faculty/staff listserv (engi-dist [at] If you would prefer someone from the communications team send your announcement to this listserv, please allow at least 2-3 business days for the message to be sent.
  • Faculty and staff members must be manually added to this email list. The department business administrators in each engineering department are responsible for sending the Office of Communications a list of their new faculty/staff members each semester so they may be added to this listserv. To add or remove someone from this listserv, please email Rachel Knudsen at riward [at]
Policies regarding e-communications to student e-mail list:
  • Only members of the Office of Communications team have permission to send emails to the engineering student email list.
  • If you would like to request an email to go out to the engineering student listserv, please send the content of your email to Inez Hutchinson (iajackso [at], allowing at least 5 business days for the email to be sent.
  • All email announcements to the student listserv must be in plain text format with no attachments. Email announcements that are not in plain text formatting will not be sent out to the listserv.


Web Services

The Engineering Office of Communications provides web services for the college, including departments web sites, research centers web sites, academic programs web sites and e-communications. 

Web Development

To submit a web development request, please fill out the Web Project Request Form.