Archived News — March 2021

Images of a 3D rover model, provided by Dr. Olga Bannova, a research professor in the Cullen College of Engineering's Mechanical Engineering Department and the director of the Space Architecture Graduate Program. UH’s Bannova designing moon rovers, habitats
March 15, 2021
Thanks to a $50,000 grant from Boeing for a six-month lunar surface systems study, a researcher and her team at the University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering are...
Dr. Venkat “Selva” Selvamanickam, the M.D. Anderson Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has secured a $904,554 grant to procure equipment for Micro-CT imaging. UH expanding into Micro-CT for Advanced Materials development, thanks to Naval Research grant
March 10, 2021
Professors at the University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering have received a $904,554 grant from the Office of Naval Research to procure equipment that will allow Micro...
Rosa Miraldina Futy, a senior studying Chemical Engineering, has been selected for an American Chemical Society Bridge Career & Professional Development Award. ChBE student earns ACS development award
March 8, 2021
Her work as an undergraduate computational researcher, as well as a strong support system inside and outside of the University of Houston system, have allowed senior Rosa...
A model produced by scientists at Rice University shows the conformational changes caused by a mutation in the cancer-fighting p53 protein. At top left, the red box highlights the aggregation-prone sequence protected by the N-terminus tail in wild-type p53 but exposed by the mutation of a single amino acid. The strongest deviation happens in the domain at the green asterisk. The other three models show “open” conformations at the C-terminus caused by the mutation. (Credit: Kolomeisky Research Group/Rice.) Cancer ‘guardian’ breaks bad with one switch, UH, Rice researchers show
March 4, 2021
A mutation that replaces a single amino acid in a potent tumor-suppressing protein turns it from saint to sinister. A new study by a coalition of Texas institutions shows why that...
ME student earns Provost’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship
March 3, 2021
When Pemu Utienyin examines the world she inhabits every day, the University of Houston junior says that she can’t just ignore the ways in which she could help. “As I walk, I see...