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University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering


UH Engineers Invent Glucose-Sensing Contact Lens
September 27, 2016
Blood testing is the standard option for checking glucose levels, but a new technology could allow non-invasive testing via a contact lens that samples glucose levels in tears. “...
UH Beginning of Semester party PHOTOS: BOS (Beginning of Semester) Party
September 26, 2016
UH engineering students took a break from their studies to kick off the fall semester at the annual BOS (Beginning of Semester) Party on September 22. Students gathered on the...
CNN Interviews UH Engineering Expert About Airfare Optimization
September 20, 2016
Anyone who has purchased an airline ticket knows that it can feel like navigating a maze full of twists and turns in the form of price hikes and drops. CNN provides a behind-the-...
Ph.D student Mehdi Torbati, left, and Dr. Ashutosh Agrawal and are peering into cell nuclei to improve health How the Guardian of Our DNA Gets its Donut-Like Structure
September 19, 2016
Deep within your body there exists donut-shaped objects – many of them, in fact. No, these donuts aren’t from the box of Shipley’s that mysteriously disappeared, despite the fact...
BARREL ballon inflated just before launch Aug 13. Photo courtesy of NASA-Edgar Bering A BARREL of Fun and Science for Cullen College Students Launching Payloads
September 16, 2016
It actually does take a rocket scientist to be a rocket scientist. Case in point: Professor of physics and electrical engineering at the UH Cullen College of Engineering Edgar...
Jeremy Palmer with the big guns: The high-performance computers that store his data UH Chemical Engineer Harnesses High Performance Computing Power to Design Improved Zeolite Catalysts
September 14, 2016
Jeremy Palmer, assistant professor in the Cullen College’s chemical and biomolecular engineering department, was awarded the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund’s...
PHOTOS/ VIDEO: Engineers, Scientists and Artists Converge in Cancun for First “Your Brain on Art” Conference
September 13, 2016
More than 100 engineers, scientists, artists, industry and media representatives came together for the 2016 International Conference of Mobile Brain-Body Imaging and the...
Cullen College Professor Discusses World’s Largest Indoor Waterfall with WIRED Magazine
September 12, 2016
Singapore’s Changi Airport, voted the world’s best airport for the fourth consecutive year, already offers travelers a wide array of top-notch amenities, including a rooftop pool...
SWOT image artist rendering, courtesy of NASA UH Engineer Dives In to Determine How Much Water Exists In the World
September 12, 2016
Hyongki Lee, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Cullen College, is making quite a splash. Lee has accomplished so much in the field of water you...
Flexible glass tape, the basis for building flexible computers “Bend” and “Flex” No Longer Just Terms for Exercise, They’ll Soon Describe Your Laptop!
September 9, 2016
Tired of lugging that heavy laptop in your padded backpack? Here’s an idea: When you’re finished using your laptop, just roll it up, fold it, stick it in your back pocket and bolt...