Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Faculty Hiring

All requests for tenure/tenure track/instructional and clinical faculty hiring must be preapproved as part of the annual budget process. Any positions not approved as part of this process must be preapproved by the Dean and Provost prior to posting.

Faculty Hiring is now completed through Taleo. Taleo can be accessed through


Faculty hiring for all benefits-eligible positions are now completed through Taleo.  This includes any new non tenure track faculty position.  All benefits-eligible faulty positions must be post for a minimum of ten to thirty (10 to 30) business days. The posting need to stay open for thirty (30) days for all international hire. This does not include weekends or holidays. Only applicants that apply through Taleo are considered for the faculty position. No applicants form other websites or mailed in applications should be consider in the hiring process.

Posting Categorizes

There are two categorizes that you may post faculty positions under.

  • Faculty – Tenured, tenure-track, instructional, research, and visiting faculty.
  • Lecturers and Adjuncts – Lecturers, Adjuncts, and Affiliate Artist positions. (These category can also be used to hire non-benefits eligible position.)

All requests for tenure, tenure track, instructional faculty hiring must be preapproved as part of the annual budget process. Any positions not approved as part of the process must be preapproved by the Dean and Provost prior to posting.


Posting in taleo

The posting can be used for single posting where the hiring department has one open job request or for a multiple posting where the hiring department has multiple vacant job requests that are equal with that faulty position. A multiple posting must be requested/disclosed prior to posting it in Taleo with the Dean’s Office and approved by the Dean and CBA. There are three categorizes that you may post the position under. There are the following:

  • Create From Position Type - New posting.
  • Create from Posting- Already existing. Please keep in mind that the posting documents will still be attached of the original posting. The documents will need to be updated
  • Create from Temple -Already existing information. Please keep in mind that the posting documents will still be attached of the original temple. Will need to be updated.

Posting Details

All required information needs to be fill out in the required fields. Any required fields left blank in the system will not let you continue until the field is filled. Please not that when you answer the workflow state field the letters of recommendation notice will not go out until the application have be select and move to that stage in the system. Do not change the field in recommendation document type. It needs to remain as letters of recommendation in order to receive the letters of recommendations.

Posting and External ad language

If you are advertising for multiple ranks, please delineate the qualifications for each rank in the job description. In addition to outline the qualifications for being hired with tenure if applicable.

Posting is not required for non-benefits eligible faculty position at this time. We do encourage the department to post in the online job system for new faculty.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions need to outline the job duties and also tell potential applicants about the department, college, and university. We recommend using the posting to showcase your department, college, and university. Please note that the external ad language need to be identical or equivalent to the ad in the posting in Taleo. The external ad also needs to have the quick link for the internal posting ( Please proof the posting and external ad language for grammatical errors as we cannot catch all errors and edit them in the ads. All external ads need to be upload as a Word document in Taleo. All ads need to have the University of Houston Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action statement.

“The University of Houston is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action institution. Minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.”

Proactive Diversity Language

Research indicates that there is a positive correlation between including proactive diversity language and an increased diversity of the applicant pool achieved. “Adding an explicit criterion in the job description for experience and success in working with diverse groups of students has significant potential to broaden the qualities being considered.” (Smith et al, 2004). The diversity of the UH student body demands that job descriptions stress experience in teaching different kinds of students as well as skill in developing classroom environments that facilitate learning for all students.

Proactive language can be included as a specific job qualification or as a summary statement at the end of job announcements. Examples of proactive language include the following:

The University of Houston, with one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation, seeks to recruit and retain a diverse community of scholars.

We welcome candidates whose experience in teaching, research, or community service has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and excellence.

Individuals with a history of and commitment to mentoring students from underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.

The department is seeking outstanding candidates with the potential for exceptional research, excellence in teaching, and a clear commitment to enhancing the diversity of the faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student population.

A demonstrated commitment to improving access to higher education for disadvantaged students through teaching or mentoring activities is desired.

The Department is particularly interested in candidates who have experience working with students from a diverse background and a demonstrated commitment to improving access to higher education for disadvantaged students.

Experience in mentoring women and minorities in STEM fields is desired.

**The University of Houston is responsive to the needs of dual career couples. (Only for Tenure and Tenure Track postings)

Minimum and Preferred Qualification

These standards describe the qualification require for the position. Standards that the department, college, and university require to them to have. Standard that are established to evaluate the degree to which applicants will be measure by.

Special Instructions to the applicant

These are instructions that tell the applicant that in order to apply to the posting the need to submit all the required not listed in the applicant documents in Taleo and that need to be sent to the department search committee or information on who they can contact if they have any questions in the department.

Recruiting Strategies

Show casing advertisements in highly visible publications that specifically to audiences in that field of expertise. Notifying other organizations, institution, and contacts other leaders in the field of expertise to recruit applicants. The online job system is link to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Higher Ed Jobs, and Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) and Indeed for Free.

  1. Faculty are require to be national searches.
  2. Lecturers and Adjuncts can be state and local.
Search Committee Demographics

The Department will need to designate a search committee chair. Not the department chair. Department chair, staff, graduate or undergraduate students cannot be on the search committee for faculty position. Students of any rank should not be given guest user access to the online job system. The search committee needs to have a least one woman and one minority members in the search committee. Posting that are in either category need to have faculty that are equal or equivalent to the faulty position begin reviewed for hire. Please note that EOS looks at the demographic makeup of your search committee.

Budget Summary

Gives the cost center information and the percentage of the funding. Departments can have more than one cost center and different percentages to the funding sores. This field is also a text field if you do not know the funding sores.

Supplemental Questions

Questions are up to the Department chair and the Search committee members to select if they are going to have any. These question give the applicants an opportunity to showcase their qualifications in a more comprehensive way than listing their skills does. The system also provides the creator a list of supplemental questions they can use or the creator also has the chose to create supplemental questions if they so choose. Supplemental question can help the hiring committee narrow the candidate they are looking for.

Applicant Documents

These are documents the applicant will attach to their application and be measure by. We recommend requiring at least a cover letter, curriculum vitae, research statement /teaching philosophy and unofficial transcripts. Please note if your department choose to put an applicant document under required and the applicant does not have the document upload the system will not let that applicant submit their application.

Reference Requirements

Applicants are require to have a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation. If you are not going to use the online system to collect the letters of recommendation you need to require a List of references you can contact. The department will be responsible and accountable for upload them to the applicants’ application. Please note that if you put a date in the ‘Last Day a Reference Provider can Submit Reference” field the system will close the online reference letter that day and the system will not expect any online letter after that date.

  1. Faculty are require to have references.
  2. Lecturers and Adjuncts do not need references. We encourage that you obtain at least two references.
Guest User

Guest user access should not be used to give students of any rank access, all faculty for the College should already have access to Taleo and should not be in guest user, and staff member who are not search manger or are not involved with the hiring process should not be given guest user access. Please do not enter search committee members names and email in guest user access.

Posting Documents

The following documents are required for the Faculty/Librarian category:

  1. Costing Sheet – Costing sheet can be located at
  2. External Ad (for National Searches and if applicable)
  3. Special permission from the Dean and Provost approval

The following documents are required for the Lecturers and Adjuncts category:

  1. External Ad (If applicable)
  2. Does not route to Academic Budgets (No costing sheet need.)

Posting Workflow

Faculty/Librarian and Lecturers and Adjuncts Posting Workflow are the same for posting.

  1. The DBA/CBA creates postings from the position type in Faculty/Librarian and selects the search manger. The search manger(s) manage the applicants and works jointly with search committee members. Approves and moves it to the Department Chair.
  2. The Department Chair reviews posting, edits if necessary and approves. Moves to CBA.
  3. CBA reviews posting, edits if necessary and approves. Moves to Dean.
  4. Dean reviews posting, edits if necessary and approves. Moves to Academic Budgets
  5. Academic Budgets reviews, approves and moves to EOS Review.
  6. EOS Review reviews recruitment, diversity, posting and external postings attached and move to Faculty Affairs.
  7. Faculty Affairs HR Admin reviews posting, edits if necessary and approves. Moves to Faculty Affairs.
  8. Faculty Affairs reviews and approves the posting and post it online.

Please note that submitting the posting in a timely manner if you want it to be posted by a certain time. No posting will be rush will out a justification. Furthermore, when the department submits a posting by 4:00pm. The posting will be viewed on the next business day. If the posting is submitted on Friday at 4:00pm the posting will be viewed on the next business day.

Faculty Workflow


Reviewing and Managing Applicants

The search manger manage the applicants and works jointly with search committee members to maintain the posting. In addition to maintain the posting the search manger will be responsible moving the applicants:

TO EOS review with the posting.

EOS want to see all the applicants that apply to the posting. Please only send the posting to EOS review once.

  1. Once EOS reviews the applicants and moves the applicants to approved pool. The department may begin the interviewing process and dispense applicants that do not meet the minimum qualifications.
  2. However if EOS declined the applicant pool it will have to be resubmit do to an insufficient diverse number of applicants.
In workflow.

Applicants that are interviewed need to be move to:

  1. Selected for 1st Interview- interviewed by the department search committee members or fist contact with this applicant by the department.
  2. Selected for 2nd Interview and Selected for 3rd Interview- interviewed by the department search committee members with the interest of condensing the applicants or in the interest of inviting the applicants to University of Houston campus. All applicants that are invited to visit the campus needs to have a CHRI clearance complete by the time the step on campus.
  3. Selected for Hire- to star RFO.

RFO and Hiring

Once the search committee has select their candidate and have completed the background check, and interviewed process complete. The search manger is ready to move that applicant to “Selected for Hire” status and begin the RFO.

The RFO will put all of the applicant information to its cue. The search manger will need to complete all the necessary sections of the RFO in order to process it. A new costing sheet, draft offer letter (and other supporting documents) need to be attach to the RFO documents. For assistance please contact the Dean’s Office DBA or CBAs.

RFO Documents

  1. Costing Sheet from Posting
  2. New costing sheet and equipment list
  3. Approval from Research for Start-up, if already obtained ($200k and above)
  4. Draft Offer Letter – please use the templates available on the Provost’s website
  5. Copy of the transcript reflecting awarded terminal degree, if possible
  6. CV if not included in the application
  7. Letters of recommendation, if not included in the application
  8. For hires with tenure – Department Vote, College Vote, transmittal from the Chair, transmittal from the Dean. Please contact Academic Affairs when you are submitting these hires as additional time may be required.

Acceptance and ePAR creation

Once the candidate has accepted, please attach the signed offer letter and acceptance form to the RFO and move the RFO to the status of “Offer Accepted”. This notifies Academic Budgets and Faculty Affairs that the candidate has accepted. Once we receive the transcripts, you may submit the ePAR to place the faculty on payroll.

Please submit a future faculty ePOI for all new hires at your earliest convenience. This will help faculty have a better onboarding experience by getting them access to the various systems they will need to have a successful first semester.