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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Policy on Instructional Faculty


Instructional Faculty possess special instructional knowledge in one of the college‘s departments.  Instructional faculty are not tenured faculty. Instructional faculty do not have voting privileges in the college; they are not eligible to vote in the departmental standing committees or on the matters concerning personnel or promotion and tenure. Instructional faculty may be appointed at the following ranks:

  • Instructional Assistant Professor
  • Instructional Associate Professor
  • Instructional Professor

Typically, instructional faculty appointments are 9-month appointments per annum.

Qualification for Appointment

Individuals eligible for instructional appointments must have, at minimum, the degree requirements applicable to any faculty appointment at the University of Houston for the relevant discipline. Further, eligible individuals must possess demonstrated excellence and special expertise in applied aspects of the discipline. They should possess equal expected to participate in professional activities typical of their discipline. Eligible individuals may serve on relevant departmental, college and university-wide committees as appropriate.

Recruitment and Appointment Procedures

College departments will initiate recruitment and appointment of instructional faculty within their units and will follow regular University of Houston procedures for faculty with recruitment, in accordance with affirmative action guidelines. After recommendations by departmental search committees to the relevant faculty and chair, the Dean of the College will make all instructional faculty appointments. After review and approval by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the dean will present a specific role and individualized responsibilities, which will serve as the bases for the annual performance review.

Term of Appointment

An initial appointment is a 9-month, non-tenure track faculty appointment. A reappointment for a second 9-months is contingent upon the results of the results performance review for the initial appointment term. At the end this two-term probationary period and contingent upon performance reviews, the Dean may reappointment the faculty member for an additional one, two or three 9-month term. However, each appointee must undergo an annual performance review. In addition, each annual reappointment term is contingent upon the availability of funds.


Instructional faculty are eligible for promotion within the ranks. In seeking promotion, the faculty member must demonstrate excellence in each area of performance stipulated in her or his appointment or reappointment letter and in her or annual review.

Promotion within the instructional rank occurs after formal review by the unit in which her or she serves, in accordance with departmental and college bylaws. The review committee of the unit will report its recommendation to the Dean. The Dean will conduct his or her own independent review and will make a separate recommendation. The Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs must finally approve recommendations for promotion.


All compensation negotiations and agreements are the responsibility of the Dean. Instructional Faculty are eligible for faculty benefits, and enjoy faculty privileges such as library, computer, parking, and athletic access. They also may avail themselves to University grievance procedures.