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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Electronic Person Of Interest (ePOI)

Request for Electronic Person of Interest (ePOI) Form This form does not apply to current faculty, staff, or students. Prospective or applicant students are also not eligible for this form. All others are qualified to complete this form. The purpose of this form is to identify the applicant's relationship with the university before being eligible to use University resources. The Applicant must complete and sign this form and return to Sponsor to complete the rest of the form. Sponsor is responsible for submitting the completed form to his/her department Business Office for processing. By signing this form, the applicant and sponsor agrees that the information is accurate.

The following are the different ePOI service types that an Applicant can be qualified for on the University of Houston Main and System component campuses. The ePOI service allows non-UH applicants to use UH resources for the purpose of instructional and research activities.

ePOI Services:

  • Auditors Board Of Regents (see note B)
  • Campus Program Workers
  • Consultants (see note B)
  • Dependents of Intl Students
  • Former Employee (see note A)
  • Future Staff Employees
  • Future Faculty Employees
  • Guest Speakers (see note C)
  • Guests (see note C)
  • J-1 Research Scholars (see note B)
  • NonPd Fac Guest Researchers
  • NonPd Fac Honorary Instructors (see note B)
  • NonPd Fac LCC Instructors (see note B)
  • NonPd ROTC (see note B)
  • OCP-Nonaffiliated College Emp (see note B)
  • OCP-Off Campus Vendors (see note C)
  • OCP-On Campus Vendors (see note C)
  • OCP-Religion Center
  • OCP-Volunteers (see note C)
  • Other Students - LCC Student (see note C)
  • Other Students - Non UHS (see note C)
  • Other Students - UHD Students (see note C)
  • Retirees (see note A)
  • Temps (see note B)
  1. Sponsor must be in a Manager or higher position and within the same department as the Business Office who enters the ePOI service.
  2. Must provide Social Security Number (SSN), unless you already have a myUHID number.

    All ePOI Services need to provide a unique identifier which can be:

    • Social Security Number
    • Driver’s License Country, State, and Number
    • Visa/Permit Type and Number
    • myUHID, if already exists
  3. Exchange E-mail not available.