Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Non Tenure Track Faculty Hiring

Updated College guidelines will be sent for each hiring with current due dates and any revised policies and procedures.

Business staff must maintain all documentation from chair/director on hiring non-tenure faculty. If business staff receives hiring information from chair/director later than 10 days before start date, business staff must upload document from chair/director to ePAR. If business staff does receive information 10 days before start date, the business staff must prepare ePAR and submit to CBA 7 days before start date. CBA will review, approve and forward to the Provost’s Office 5 working days prior to employee’s start date.

New appointments

Full Faculty folder
  1. Upload each document individually to ePAR under the correct heading.(PDF files)

    1. CV
    2. Letter justifying no Terminal Degree in the teaching discipline (if necessary).
    3. Personal Data Sheet and I-9 confirmation receipt for initial faculty appointment and/or for appointment after separation from employment of 1 year or more.
    4. Faculty Pay Option form (if applicable)
    5. Outside Consulting form (if applicable)
  2. Send originals documents to Dean’s Office, 402 AH (who is uploading these documents to the ePAR)

    1. Faculty Employment Acceptance form – with section I, II, III signed
    2. Approval Of Hiring
    3. Original Transcript –

      1. Required for all advanced degrees including those in progress.
      2. Credential Evaluation if degree is from a non- US institution.

Procedures to Reappointment Non-Tenure Faculty

  1. Non-Tenure Track Reappointment forms are completed in the Department and signed by the chair. Do not handwrite the form!
  2. Forms are submitted (hard-copies) to me by mid July
  3. Forms are matched to the approved budget & are approved by the Dean
  4. Forms are returned to the DBA to be signed by the faculty member.
  5. The signed form is uploaded to the ePAR and submitted to workflow.
  6. The ePARs are due to the Dean’s office by August 1st

Documents required for reappointments

Rehire – Non Tenure Track/Non-Overloads
  1. Hire ePAR
  2. Non Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment form uploaded to ePAR.

    2. Signed by Dept Chair & Employee
  3. A new Faculty Pay Options form is required for all non-tenure track faculty, Visiting/Clinical/instructional, who wish to be paid over 12 months.
Rehire with 1 year break in service - Additional documents required.
  1. Signup package
  2. CV
  3. Transcripts if degree is in progress or completed since previous appointment.