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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures

Departmental Guidelines

  1. All College departments will have written guidelines which state how the scholarships are awarded, including requirements for the department scholarship committee.
  2. Eligibility guidelines and other scholarship criteria must be written and maintained within the department.
  3. Application criteria and requirement to publicize must be documented. The department must be specific as to how they will provide notification of available scholarships. All scholarships must, at a minimum, be posted on the College website.
  4. A mechanism and timeline for notification to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid of the awardees must be defined within the department’s written guidelines.
  5. All funds received for scholarships should be awarded within the period specified by the donor or fund source. Awards should be made by the end of the fiscal year following receipt in cases where the period is not specified.
  6. Year-end equity balance must not exceed the amount necessary for total award commitments plus a reserve of 25% of the funds received the prior fiscal year. Total awards may mean either the awards for the following year or total commitments for multiple year awards, as determined by the donor or fund source. Excess funds will be made available for awards in the following year, or in the case of the endowed scholarships, the excess will be returned to the principal of the endowment, as permitted by the donor.

Dean’s Office Scholarship Guidelines

These guidelines refer to scholarships that are awarded by the College only. Each department maintains their own guidelines for departmental scholarships in accordance with MAPP 12.01.01 and the guidelines listed above.


The Undergraduate Scholarships awarded by the Dean’s Office are administered by committee in the Cullen College of Engineering's Division of Undergraduate Programs and Student Success. Scholarship recipients are selected each April by this committee of faculty & staff.

The Undergraduate Scholarship requirements can be found at the College website at


The Graduate Scholarships / Fellowships are administered by committee and headed by Dr. Suresh Khator, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.

Graduate Scholarship requirements can be found on the College website at

Once the committee has made a selection, the Academic Advisors in each department will process the scholarship award memos and forward them to the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office.

College Business Office Responsibilities for College Scholarship committee

  1. Verify that the student has accepted the award, submitted a thank you letter to the donor and provided a signed release form.
  2. Verify student PeopleSoft id is correct.
  3. Verify that student has been awarded the correct amount for each semester.
  4. Update internal scholarship database to reflect award amounts.
  5. Request checks from UH Foundation when applicable for deposit to a Dean’s Office cost center.
  6. Award memos are submitted to SFA by the deadlines established each semester.