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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures


Time Reporter Responsibilities

  • Reporting Time via Web clock
    • Punch in/out as appropriate
    • Do not punch in after the fact
    • Notify Time Approver (TA) of missing punch, provide detail information
    • Reviewing hours/timesheet
      • Can use the Pay Time screen via PASS account
      • Need to notify TA of any missed punches/issues immediately
  • Absence Requests (for benefits eligible employees)
    • Should be submitted and approved prior to taking time off
    • Submission does not guarantee approval
    • If do not have sufficient leave hours at the time the leave is to be taken, then hours need to be reported as unpaid leave
    • Sick absence requests must be submitted upon return
  • College Release Time (CRT)
    • A College Release Form must be completed and approved prior to the first day of classes
    • All CRT must be reported and approved in advance by TA
  • Communicating with Time Approver (TA)
    • TA should be first point of contact
    • If TA unable to resolve, then TA should communicate with PA
  • Part time employees
    • Must punch in and will only be paid what has been reported
    • Selecting appropriate employee record if have multiple employee records

Time Approver Responsibilities

  • Time Approver must be the immediate supervisor
  • Direct employees to the TRAM Employee Online Guide,
  • Notify PA of any changes to the workgroup for employees
  • Review and maintain TA maintenance screen
    • Ensure direct reports are assigned
    • Add new employees and verify correct employee record is being added
    • System refresh needed to view timesheet of newly added employee
  • Set up alternate TA for group ID
  • Review and approve reported time by the deadline (10am each Wednesday)
    • Clear high severity exceptions
    • Review each employee’s timesheet (one at a timesheet)
    • Verify no missing IN, OUT, or MEAL punches
    • Verify no punches out of sequence
    • Make necessary corrections for missed punches or punches out of sequence
    • If have more than one correction to make for same employee, need to make all corrections at same time and then submit corrections
    • Review and approve reported time by the deadline
    • Ensure all absence requests have been submitted and approved

Payroll Approver Responsibilities

  • Maintain an updated department employee roster spreadsheet
  • Maintain the maintenance screen up to date
    • Ensure all assigned TAs are included
    • Remove any TAs no longer assigned to you
    • TA must be assigned to a PA before any employees can be added to TA’s group ID
  • Verify approved reported time for accuracy each pay period
    • Verify full-time employees have close to 40 reported hours per work week
  • Review the TRAM Hierarchy Report (minimum once a month)
    • Ensure all active employees are assigned to correct TA
    • Ensure all TAs are assigned to a PA
    • Act as the liaison between the TA and Payroll/HR for any TRAM issues
    • Ensure all reported time and absence requests approved by Payroll deadlines
    • Review high severity exceptions and work with TA to clear them
    • Verify no outstanding reported time from prior pay periods
    • Run TRAM Time Reports to ensure all reported and payable time is approved
    • Verify payable time for Biweekly Trial and Final payroll.


Departments are responsible for maintaining a tracking sheet to verify monthly payroll according to the payroll schedule. Monthly Trial and Final payroll reports should be maintained to show compliance with verification procedures. Discrepancies must be resolved in coordination with Human Resources and Payroll.

Family Medical Leave (FML)

  • For FML absence requests, ensure an approved FML letter is on file with the department
  • Employees on approved full FML will have their absence requests submitted by HR
    • These FML absence requests should not be submitted by employee nor TA
  • Employees on approved intermittent FML need to submit their own absence requests
  • Verify employees on leave (paid and unpaid) have absence requests submitted
  • For vacation leave, ensure employee has a minimum of 6 months of continuous state employment
  • For sick leave of 3 or more continuous days, ensure note from health care provider is included
  • For College Release Time (CRT), ensure a completed College Release Form is on file