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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Faculty Hiring – Summer

Updated College guidelines will be sent for each hiring with current due dates and any revised policies and procedures.

Business staff must maintain all documentation from chair/director on hiring non-tenure faculty. If business staff receives hiring information from chair/director later than 10 days before start date, business staff must upload document from chair/director to ePAR. If business staff does receive information 10 days before start date, the business staff must prepare ePAR and submit to CBA 7 days before start date. CBA will review, approve and forward to the Provost’s Office 5 working days prior to employee’s start date.

Procedures for Summer Appointments

  1. Tenure/Tenure Track Summer Agreement forms and Non-Tenure Track Reappointment forms are completed in the Department and signed by the chair/director.
  2. Forms are submitted (hard-copies) to the Dean’s Office by the published deadline date
  3. Forms are matched to the approved budget & are approved by Dr. Craig.
  4. Forms are returned to the DBA to be signed by the faculty member.
  5. The signed form is uploaded to the ePAR and submitted to workflow.
  6. The ePARs are due to the Provost office by the published deadline date.

Documents Required
Tenure/Tenure-Track Summer Appointment (Instruction/Research/Admin Duties)

  1. Hire ePAR
  2. Summer Agreement
    2. Signed By Dept Chair/Director, Dean & Faculty

Rehire – Non Tenure Track Summer Appointment

  1. Hire ePAR
  2. Non Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment form uploaded to ePAR.
    2. Signed by Dept Chair/Director, Dean & Employee

New Non Tenure Faculty Hires

Full Faculty folder
  1. Upload each document individually to ePAR.(PDF files)
    1. CV
    2. Letter justifying no Terminal Degree in the teaching discipline (if necessary).
    3. Personal Data Sheet if new to UH or have been separated from UH for more than one year.
  2. Send originals documents to Dean’s Office, 402 AH
    1. Faculty Employment Acceptance form – with section I, II, III signed
    2. Approval Of Hiring
    3. Original Transcript –
      1. Required for all advanced degrees including those in progress
      2. Credential Evaluation if degree is from a non- US institution

Overloads for Faculty

Send Request for Additional Compensation and College additional compensation worksheet with department signatures to Dean’s Office and submit ePAR to workflow.

Overloads for Staff teaching

  1. Send originals documents to Dean’s Office.
    1. Non Tenure track Reappointment form
    2. Request for Additional Compensation
    3. Staff Addendum
    4. College additional compensation worksheet
  2. Non Tenure reappointment forms will be approved by the Dean’s Office and returned to the department.
  3. Departments will create ePAR with Reappointment form uploaded and submit to Dean’s office.
  4. College will forward Request for Additional Compensation to HR.
  5. College will upload approved additional compensation forms after HR has approved and forward to Provost Office.
  • All assignments require a Summer Appointment form
  • Appointment form remarks – include why the person is receiving the stipend, i.e. Grad Director, course development, Endowed Professor, etc. and the cost center.

General Information for Completion of Summer Appointments

Submit ePARs sequentially. Appointments effective June 1st should be submitted first.


Summer Job Titles

Position Title Job Code Tasks to be performed
Chair Stipend 1000 Department Chair/Director stipends
Administrative Stipend 1001 Administrative duties, (Grad/Undergrad/Program Director)
Faculty Retiree 1320 Retired faculty who are teaching summer courses
Summer Instruction TT 1910 Teaching for Tenured/Tenure Track Benefits faculty
Summer Instruction NTT 1911 Teaching for Non-Tenure Track, Benefits faculty only
Summer Instruction Adjunct 1912 Teaching for Non-Tenure, Non-Benefits faculty only
Summer Research 2090 Research only
Endowed Chair Stipend 1041 Endowed Chairs only
Endowed Professor Stipend 1074 Endowed Professor only
Temporary Faculty 1140

Overloads for employees at 1.0 FTE

Curriculum Development/Non-grant Research/QEP

All other assignments not specified above

New Summer Appointment 1920 New Tenure\Tenure Track
New Summer Appointment 1921 New Non Tenure Track

Summer PAR Comments

The appointment form contains the required language.

The only comments that need to be on the ePAR are course numbers, other duties, total salary and funding information. If you have submitted an ePRF to change funding please list the ePRF number on the ePAR. Remember comments on the ePAR cannot be erased and become part of the permanent record.

Employment Dates

Summer 1/Summer 12 weeks: 6/1/XX – 9/1/XX - 12 weeks or 3 months for pay rate calculation

Summer 2/Summer 1st 6 Weeks: 6/1/Xx - 7/16/XX - 1.5 months for pay rate calculation

Summer 3/Summer 9 weeks: 6/1/XX – 8/1/XX - 2 months for pay rate calculation

Summer 4/Summer 2nd 6 weeks: 7/16/XX- 9/1/XX - 1.5 months for pay rate calculation



  • FTE will be calculated based on the standard hours table listed in the red book. The charts for Regular 9 month faculty and the standard summer charts are available on the College DBA sharedrive under References and Forms.
  • Overloads – Use 1 standard hours and .03FTE
  • All other assignments (non-instructional) – FTE is based on salary - The FTE is in proportion to the amount of summer salary to be received as compared to their 9 month regular salary. (i.e. If a faculty member's 9 month rate is 5,000/month and they are earning 1,500 for an assignment, the FTE will equal .30 ($1500/5000)). Faculty cannot earn more that their regular nine month rate for any non-instructional appointments. (OMB Rule A-21).


Per MAPP, UH employees can only earn 20% of their annualized salary in overloads. During the summer, all teaching assignments for faculty at 1.0 and staff must be included in the calculation of the 20%.

Requests for staff additional compensation must be approved by Human Resources before the faculty folder can be submitted to Faculty Affairs. If you have any staff members who will be teaching in the summer sessions, I would recommend submitting the overload forms as soon as possible. The forms will need to be approved by the Dean’s office, Provost Office & HR before the folder can be submitted to Faculty Affairs. HR will route the approved forms back to the college to expedite the process. If you need to track the forms, please contact me first.

Rate at 1.00

OMB A-21 states that on federally funded grants the rates paid for research during the summer may not exceed the regular monthly 9 pay 9 rate. Below are the general guidelines.

  • Faculty who have nine month appointments may, if they have funding available, be paid for up to three months at 1.0 FTE using federal research funding in accordance with the terms of the sponsoring agency agreement.
  • Faculty, including department chairs, with ten or eleven month appointments may receive two and one month respectively of federally funded summer research support at 1.0 FTE, provided the funding is available.
  • No additional compensation may be received while the faculty member is being paid full time on federal funding.
  • No additional compensation may be received from sponsored program or sponsored project accounts while the faculty member is being paid full time on non-federal funding.
  • Faculty, with the approval of the department chair or dean, may choose the month(s) during which federally funded research is done. Timesheets during that period must reflect the fact that no effort is being expended on University funded activities.
  • Faculty paid less than full time on federally funded research may, with the approval of the department chair and/or dean, be paid for additional effort using University funding up to a 1.0 FTE level of total funding.

Offer Letters

Offer letters will only be sent to the new hires.

Document Tracking

Documents can be tracked through ePAR.

Useful queries for tracking ePARs

HRMS_EPAR_PENDING_BY_DEPT will show pending ePARs by Dept/Coll/Div

HRMS_EPAR_PROCESSED_BY_DEPT will show executed ePARs by Dept/Coll/Div

HRMS_EFORM_BY_EMPLID ePARs for an employee


The payroll calendars are available on the Finance website. Please refer to the payroll calendars for submission dates.

Financial Debt

Check for outstanding debt to the University before submitting the ePARs.


Please use the current version of the forms available on the websites.

Provost office forms

Human Resources Forms

**College forms including coversheet and College additional comp form are available on College DBA share drive.

Credential Evaluation Services – Non US Degrees

Foreign credentials must be accompanied by a certified English translation and a credentials evaluation by a credible credentials evaluation service.


World Education Services:

Education Evaluators International: