Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
General Information for Completion of Faculty Folders

Cost Centers

Each department has an individual cost center for the applicable program code. 


Hire dates

For the fall, all hire dates/effective dates should be 9/1/XX.

End Dates

  1. Fall Only appointment

    • Terminate on 1/16/XX.
  2. Annual Appointments

    • Fall and Spring Appointment information must be listed in ePAR comments and approved on the Non Tenure Track Reappointment form.
    • Terminate on 6/1/XX – SWB will be created when ePAR is processed.

Job Titles

If you need to create a new position number, please submit an ePRF.

  1. Lecturer/Non-Ben (job code 1070):

    • Non-tenured track faculty working less than .50 FTE
    • Lump Sum position
  2. Lecturer/Ben (job code 1050):

    • Non-tenured track faculty working .50 FTE or above
    • Not a lump sum position.
    • If a lecturer is reappointed to the same benefits eligible title, please make keep them in the same position number. It is always best to leave a benefits eligible employee in the same position number when possible.
  3. Faculty Retiree (job code 1320)

    • Faculty who have either fully or semi-retired (VMOE) from a tenured track position.

      • VMOE – Submit ePAR with copy of contract. No offer letter.

        • Charge to department faculty salary cost center
      • Non-VMOE – Submit faculty folder. Requires an offer letter.

        • Charge to Instructional Salary
  4. Instructional/Clinical faculty

    • Not a lump sum position/Benefits eligible
    • Usually appointed for the academic year, can be up to a 3 year appointment.
    • Requires 3 letters of recommendation for initial appointment
    • New Appointments will need to be processed through Faculty OJS
    • Reappointments will be processed on Faculty Reappointment Agreement
  5. Visiting faculty

    • Should be a short term appointment
    • Not a Lump Sum/Benefits eligible
  6. Teaching overload for faculty

    • Use the Temporary Faculty (Job code 1140) position.
  7. Teaching overload for staff

    • Staff with 1.0 assignment

      • Temporary Faculty
    • Staff with less than 1.0

      • Lecturer/Ben position if the combined position places them in a benefits eligible status (FTE >.50)
      • Lecturer/Non-Ben position if the FTE is less than .50 combined for 4.5 months
  8. Additional Assignments paid during the fall or spring – Must include request for additional compensation, except for department chair stipends.

    • Admin/Chair Stipend
    • Course Development

      • Use Temporary Faculty (1140)
    • Endowed Chair

      • Use Endowed Chair Stipend (1041)
    • Endowed Professor

      • Use Endowed Professor Stipend (1074)


  • FTE will be calculated based on the standard hours table listed in the UH Annual Budget

Fall or Spring Semester Standard Work Hours per Week for Part Time Faculty

  Semester Credit Hrs Standard Work Hours per Week Term FTE* Annualized FTE**
Lecturer (Category I) 1 2.7 0.07 0.02
  2 5.3 0.13 0.03
  3 8.0 0.20 0.05
  4 10.7 0.27 0.07
  5 13.3 0.33 0.08
  6 16.0 0.40 0.10
  7 18.7 0.47 0.18
  8 21.3 0.53 0.20
  9 24 0.60 0.23
  10 26.7 0.67 0.25
  11 29.3 0.73 0.28
  12 32 0.80 0.30
  • Overloads – Use 1 standard hours and .03FTE

Officer Code

Required PAR Comments

  • Course information including course number & section
  • List any additional duties include in their faculty assignment (i.e. coordinating, undergraduate advising, etc)
  • Cost center
  • Designate if it is an unmet demand, distance education or weekend university course
  • Semester salary

Pay Option forms (Instructional)

Pursuant to IRS Code Section 409A, pay options must be selected and submitted prior to the 1st day of classes of the effective year. Non-tenure track faculty members receive a terminal appointment each year. Since the appointment does not automatically renew, a new Faculty Pay Options form must be completed and submitted with the reappointment documents if the faculty member wishes to receive the academic year salary over a period of twelve months (9 pay 12, 10 pay 12, or 11 pay 12.) If the form is not submitted, the salary will revert to the regular academic salary (9 pay 9, 10 pay 10, or 11 pay 11.)

Non Tenure Track Faculty Employment acceptance form

The Non-tenure Track Faculty Employment Acceptance Form includes a U. S. Dept. of Education certification. This document with all non-tenure track faculty appointments.

Offer Letters

Offer letters will only be sent to the new appointments. The letters will be scanned and emailed to the faculty member and to the Department Business Administrator. A hard copy will also be mailed to the address provided on the coversheet.

Offer letters can be sent out without transcripts, CVs and faculty employment acceptance forms. However, Faculty Folders cannot be submitted to the Provost Office without these documents.

The scanned letters can also be printed and signed by the faculty member

Document Tracking

You can track ePAR status using the following queries.

HRMS_EPAR_PENDING_BY_DEPT - will show pending ePARs by Dept/Coll/Div

HRMS_EPAR_PROCESSED_BY_DEPT – will show executed ePARs by Dept/Coll/Div

HRMS_EFORM_BY_EMPLID – ePARs for an employee


Please check the payroll calendar to confirm biweekly and monthly payroll dates. HR will also list the deadlines for the non-faculty appointments on the payroll calendar.

The payroll calendar is located on the Admin and Finance website.

Financial Debt

Check for outstanding debt to the University before submitting the ePARs.

Late Submissions

Faculty folders submitted after the deadline must include a letter to the Dean explaining why the faculty folder was submitted after the deadline.