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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Information Technology

As established by MAPP 10.03.06, “The management of each college, division and unit is responsible for the administration and protection of its information technology resources, and for ensuring compliance with this and other university information technology policies, and the Texas Administrative Codes applicable to institutions of higher education, which are administered by the Texas Department of Information Resources (”

Management of Information Technology Resources

In compliance with MAPP 10.03.06, the following roles for the management of information technology have been assigned at the college level.

Role Responsible Party
College/Division Information Resource Manager (C/D IRM) Dr. Suresh Khator, Associate Dean
College/Division Technology Manager (C\D TIM) Kiet Luong, Director of Engineering Computing
College/Division Information Security Officer (C/D ISO) Kiet Luong, Director of Engineering Computing

Each of these roles provides oversight within the college for their respective areas. To ensure compliance across within the college, each department & program which utilizes their own Information Technology staff must assign the following roles at the department level. Departments and programs which do not have their own IT staff may utilize the college structure except for the role of Information Resource Manager. Each department and program must have their own Information Resource Manager.

  1. Department Information Resource Manager (D/IRM): The most senior administrator who is responsible for managing, acquiring and/or developing, and securing the division’s information resources, including related information technology planning, technology project and portfolio management, and compliance processes. This role is often filled by a unit’s chair or director. For the scope of their job that involves management of information resources, they shall have a dotted reporting line to the College’s Information Resource Manager (C/IRM).
  2. Department Technology Manager (D/TM): An IT professional who is responsible for managing the division’s daily information technology operations and projects, including the definition of IT opportunities and needs for review/approval by the College Technology Manager (C/TM), and the execution of approved projects in accordance with established policies and standards. This role is often filled by department technology support staff and should report to the C-TM and the department chair/directors.
  3. Department Information Security Officer (D/ISO): The employee responsible for managing the college or division’s information security functions in accordance with the established policies and guidelines. This role is often department technology support staff and should report to the C/TM and the department chair/directors.

Annually a form will be submitted to the College Technology Manager to designate these roles at the department/program level. Copies of the designation documents will be available from the College Technology Support office.