Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Monthly Processes

Cost Center Reconciliations

  1. As part of the monthly process, reconciliations for a closed month should be completed before the next month closes.  Reconciliations should be uploaded to department reconciliation folders.
  2. Documents to upload include:
    1. 1074 report (verification worksheet)
    2. BOB Report or Labor Distribution Report
    3. Cost Center Manager approval
    4. Copy of Delegated Authority memo if applicable

Departments should retain copies of the monthly 1074 (PDF) report as well as suspense reports submitted in the department.

Cost Center Verification Procedure

Monthly Checklist

Monthly Checklist is due the 15th of each month. The checklist is available on the Monthly Checklist share drive. If you need access to this drive, please contact the Executive Director for Business Operations with your name and Cougarnet ID. Each item on the checklist must be answered either “Yes”, “No” or “N/A” (not applicable). No checklist items should be left blank or the checklist will not be considered complete for that month. If the answer is “no”, that does not mean the item does not have to be completed. Everything on the checklist has to be completed so for any items where the answer is no, once the item is completed, the answer should be changed to yes and an explanation inserted in the comments column along with the date it was completed.

  1. Departmental Responsibilities

    1. Accurately report activity by the established deadlines.
    2. Implement actions to prevent errors identified.
  2. College Responsibilities
    1. Send monthly reminders to department administrators.
    2. Responses will be reviewed and verified by the College Business Administrator. Questionable items will be verified.
    3. Address any recurring items or frequent issues with the administrator(s)
    4. Approve\request access to checklist

Monthly Payroll Verification

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