Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Discretionary Expenditures

Business Meals

Business meals that include only University employees need prior authorization from the Dean.  Requests should come from the DBA and be emailed to the Executive Director for Business Operations at least 24 hours prior to the proposed business meal.  After the request is considered by the the Dean, the approval (or denial) will be forwarded back to the DBA.

Special Events

In compliance with MAPP 05.02.02, special events with budgets over $5,000 must be approved in advance by the Provost.  An Official Functions Form ( must be completed and submitted to the Executive Director for Business Operations who will get the other required signatures. 

Restrictions regarding the use of 2064 funds for food/beverages are still applicable per MAPP.


Current travel policies are available on the finance website

Per MAPP policy 04.02.01: “All travel that is related to University business, programs, or activities, whether paid by the University or not, must be approved in advance (i.e., prior to departure) by all of the required approvers on a Travel Request”. This applies to all employees, prospective employees, students & university guests.

Faculty Travel Award Applications

Copies of the applications should be sent to the departments after college approval to notify the business staff about these upcoming trips. When the applications are received, the department staff should work with the faculty member to complete the required documents prior to their departure to comply with the policy listed above. (All travel whether paid by the University or not). For these applications if the funding has not been approved, in the P/B section, you can state “reimbursement is subject to approval of the Provost Travel Fund, application submitted on x date”