University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering

Dr. Willson, Richard C.

UH Engineering Research Recognized at Annual Keck Conference

Projects including the detection of pathogens in the presence of contaminants and modeling the effect of antibiotics on bacterial populations gained a University of Houston graduate students and professors top honors in the poster competition at the 2005 Keck Center for Interdisciplinary Bioscience Training Annual Research Conference poster competition in October.

Homeland Security Grant to Further Research Against Bioterrorism

UH researchers have been awarded a homeland security grant to develop a method for identifying bacteria and viruses that could be used in bioterrorism. The Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency recently awarded the grant to a group of bioinformatics researchers at UH to study DNA probes for detecting emerging or engineered pathogens. The project, titled “Tools for Ultraspecific Probe/Primer Design,” started in April as part of the Bioinformatics and Assays Development Program.

DNA Production Patent Awarded to Two UH-Related Engineers

Technology Licensing Co. to Handle Commercialization of Resulting Products

Two engineers with University of Houston affiliations have been awarded a U.S. patent for a new process for the separation and assay of biochemical cultures by compaction agents. The patent is expected to have a substantial impact on the production of DNA and other nucleic acids, a multi-million dollar enterprise.

New Technology May Benefit Health Care, Bioterror Defense

Biochemist Susan Hardin and four UH colleagues (including chemical engineering professors James Briggs and Richard Willson) are developing a new technology for direct molecular sensing that could be used to gather all the genetic information contained in a person's DNA - in less than 24 hours. They have filed a patent on a new process to sequence the human genome.