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Upcoming Events / Seminars

Date Time Title
[ME] Scalable solar-thermal synthesis of highyield flake graphite and hydrogen via hydrocarbon decomposition
[CIVE] The Value of Distributed Sensing in Civil Engineering Infrastructure
[CIVE] Rigidity and Failure in Granular Materials: From the Particle to the Bulk Scale
[ME] Harnessing Innovation: Rejuvenate, Repurpose, and Reposition for the Energy Transition
Women In Engineering Celebration
[CIVE] How the Masonry Code Affects Design and Construction
[CIVE] Where Do We Stand on Metamaterial-Based Seismic Design of Engineering Structures?
UH Energy Industry Crawfish Boil
[ME] Discontinuous compression structures: From tensegrity planetary landers to lightweight metamaterials
[CIVE] To Be Announced
[ME] Contraction Analysis for Networked Optimization and Control
[CIVE] Paving the Way for Concrete's Greener Future: The Development of Multifunctional cementitious materials
[CIVE] Organoarsenicals in Foods: Occurrence and Toxicological Effects of Chronic Exposure
[CIVE] Localization Limiter for Stochastic Simulations of Quasibrittle Fracture
[ME] Programmable materials and structures: design and validation
[CIVE] Modeling Interface Interactions in Complex Structures and Materials

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