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Graduate Academic Policies

Presidential Fellowships

The Presidential/Cullen/Ehrhardt Fellowships are intended to assist departments or programs in enhancing quality by providing funds to recruit outstanding students. The Fellowship program provides funds to match or exceed financial assistance packages offered by other institutions. Only students of exceptional caliber who represent extraordinary recruitment opportunities will receive these fellowships.


The two-year fellowships are available for outstanding students who are entering graduate or professional programs at the University of Houston in the fall semester. Preference is given to those whose degree objective is the doctorate. The potential for academic excellence is the main criteria for selection. Students must meet minimum full-time enrollment (12hrs) and 3.0 GPA to maintain the Fellowship each semester.

Nomination Process

The faculty/committee of the individual graduate programs has the primary responsibility for the selection of candidates for admission to these programs and the nomination of individuals for the competitive fellowships. Typically the criteria utilized for these decisions focus on the prior educational attainment of the applicant, demonstrated interest in and preparation for the course of study, and evidence of the applicant's ability to successfully matriculate in the program. These decisions, by their very nature, require a comprehensive review of the multiple factors by the faculty/committee charged with selecting students for admission and/or the awarding of competitive fellowships.