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Graduate Academic Policies

Graduate Tuition Fellowships (GTF)

The Graduate Tuition Fellowship is a competitive award program which provides funding to assist in defraying cost of in-state tuition of up to 9 credit hours per semester and 6 credit hours in the summer (if required to enroll) for qualified PhD students, who are in good academic standing. Guidelines for UH Cullen College of Engineering GTFs is as follows:

  1. The GTF is intended for Ph.D. students.
  2. The GTF qualifies a student for in-state tuition.
  3. The College requires Ph.D. students to enroll for 9 hours/semester for long semesters. The enrollment requirements for summer semester should be verified from Department/College.
  4. A student receiving the GTF must consult with his/her departmental Director of Graduate Studies regarding enrollment requirements. The department may approve reduced load for the graduating semester.
  5. GTF will be given for courses directly related to PhD program.
  6. To be considered for a GTF, the following selection priorities are in place:
    • First priority will be given to Cullen College of Engineering PhD students supported by external grants/contracts from the home department or a Cullen College of Engineering faculty member.
    • Second priority will be given to Ph.D. students who are receiving other departmental support (TA, GA, IA, etc.)
    • Students who are supported outside the Cullen College of Engineering as a TA, IA or GA will be considered next for the GTF.
    • Unsupported students will be considered on case by case bases depending on the availability of GTF funds.
  7. In order to continue GTF, a Ph.D. student must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.00. In addition, GTF recipients must show satisfactory research and timely progress in completing the degree requirements as defined by the enrolling graduate program.
  8. Department Chairs or Graduate Program Directors will submit a proposed list to the Dean or Associate Dean for Graduate Programs based on the above priorities.
  9. After all department lists are received, a Selection Committee, as appointed by the Dean or Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, will review the requests and make a final recommendation to the Dean. The award of GTF is subject to the funds available to the College during a given year.
  10. The Dean or Associate Dean for Graduate Programs will notify the Department Chairs of students selected, and the Department Chair will provide official notification to the student.
  11. The time limit for GTF for a student entering the Ph.D. program at the University of Houston with a Master’s degree is four (4) academic years. Students entering the Ph.D. program directly after a baccalaureate program cannot qualify for the GTF for more than five (5) academic years.


* The Cullen College of Engineering awards Graduate Tuition Fellowships for the exclusive use of students in PhD programs. If a student leaves the PhD program before earning a PhD degree, the student is obligated to repay all tuition and fees for each semester that the student received GTF funds. If the student leaves the PhD program and requests a transcript for the courses they have completed, a transcript will be provided after the student repays the GTF that has been given for each semester that the student receives funds. If the student petitions to receive a Master’s degree and forgoes completing the PhD program, the student is obligated to repay all tuition and fees for each semester that the student received GTF funds.