Undergraduate Research

At the UH Cullen College of Engineering, we pride ourselves on ensuring that undergraduate students are offered ample opportunities for conducting advanced research. At many other engineering colleges across the nation, such research opportunities exist only for faculty and doctoral students. At the Cullen College, our undergraduate students are faced with opportunities for hands-on, advanced research and laboratory collaborations from the moment they enter the college.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Several opportunities exist for undergraduate students wishing to participate in research-oriented projects while pursuing their degrees. These programs not only provide enhanced learning opportunities to students through hands-on projects developed by faculty but they also provide valuable experience to students looking to pursue advanced degrees. Many of these undergraduate research opportunities are funded fellowship positions.

  • The high technology revolution, driven by the breathtaking successes of semiconductor integrated circuits, has transformed world economies and will continue shaping the human enterprise for generations to come. A number of nanotechnology initiatives has facilitated a transition into the era of nanoscale integrated systems. The innovative ideas resulting from these nanotechnology initiatives are being rapidly commercialized and new knowledge is being created. There exists a critical need to supplement traditional in-discipline training with interdisciplinary nanoengineering curriculum to address the needs of both emerging nanotechnology enterprises and rapidly forming nanoscale industries. The NEMO program provides the structured curriculum, research opportunities, funding, and resources for undergraduate students to acquire additional skills that will broadly prepare them for professional and scientific careers in the 21st century.

  • The Provost's Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program (PURS) provides talented UH juniors and seniors with the opportunity to enrich their undergraduate experience by participating in a research project under the direction of a UH faculty mentor. Scholarship recipients will receive a $1,000 scholarship to conduct one semester of research and engage in other scholarly activities with faculty members. This scholarship is open to students of all disciplines, including those with research proposals in the social sciences, humanities, business, engineering, technology, education, architecture, hotel and restaurant management, natural sciences, and any other academic fields offered at the University of Houston.

  • The University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering conducts a summer research program for undergraduate students. Research Experience for Undergraduates is designed to infuse qualified undergraduates with enthusiasm toward both graduate level education and a career in research. Participants will make important contributions to the college's ongoing research efforts.

  • Several engineering faculty members are currently seeking undergraduate students to participate in their ongoing research efforts. More details regarding these opportunities may be obtained by contacting the faculty member directly. It is also recommended that students review the faculty profiles on their departmental websites to learn more about research in their field.

  • The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program at the University of Houston (SURF-UH) seeks to provide funding for rising UH sophomores, juniors, and seniors to participate in a focused, full-time, 10-week research experience under the direction of UH faculty. Current freshmen who will be sophomores in fall 2011 are eligible to apply for the fellowship. However, students graduating in spring and summer 2011 are not eligible for this program. No course credit will be offered for participation in this program, and students who have previously participated in the SURF-UH program are ineligible to reapply. This fellowship is open to students of all disciplines. The online application is available at the bottom of this web page.

  • Each year, undergraduate researchers from across the UH campus are invited to showcase their research findings and achievements through poster presentations at Undergraduate Research Day. The 9th annual Undergraduate Research Day took place on Thursday, October 10th, 2013. It showcased the achievements of 130 undergraduate researchers from the University of Houston through poster presentations. Student presenters included undergraduates from a total of 11 colleges at the University.

    Want to see for yourself what Undergraduate Research Day at UH is like? Watch our video!