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Technology Division Research — Sub-Award Documents
Sub-Award Documents Required When University of Houston Is the Lead Institution

The list below indicates minimum requirements. Contact the College Research Administrator to determine whether any additional agency specific documents are needed.

  1. Scope of Work: Sub-award PI should provide a description of the work to be provided for UH.
  2. Budget: Provide on Agency Required Forms
  3. Budget Justification: Detailed Description of Requested Funds
  4. IDC Rate Agreement: Copy of Approved IDC Rate Agreement
  5. Financial Conflict of Interest: Provide a signed FCOI indicating the sub-award institution has a financial conflict of interest policy in place.
  6. Biographical Sketch: Provide on Agency Required Forms for Key Personnel
  7. Letter of Intent: A letter of intent to partner with UH signed by the Sponsored Research Official at the sub-award institution is required. Include title of project, sub-award PI, total funds requested and any cost share. Letter should be address as indicated below:

Beverly Rymer
Executive Director, Office of Contracts and Grants
University of Houston
Division of Research
Ezekiel W. Cullen
4302 University Drive, Room 316
Houston, TX 77204-2015