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Technology Division Research — Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in submitting a grant. What is the first step?

Submit a Transmittal Information Request form, abstract, budget, and funding opportunity announcement to vcerna [at] (Vicki Cerna-Bell)

Does every proposal need to be reviewed prior to submission?

Yes, prior to submission every formal proposal should be reviewed by the College Research Administrator and routed and approved in RAMP.

A private industry company is interested in funding my project. Is this considered a gift?

If there is a statement of work, reports, deliverables, data analysis or anything else that must be provided to the company, it is not a gift. More details can be found in the Division of Research "Sponsored Project or Gift?" guidelines.

A private industry company is interested in funding my project. Does the sponsoring company need to pay UH Indirect Costs?

Any private, for profit-company sponsoring research at UH must pay the full on-campus rate. Contact vcerna [at] (Vicki Cerna-Bell) to help you budget this.

What is cost sharing?

Cost sharing is the difference between the full cost of the project and the amount the sponsor awarded.

Who approves cost sharing?

Proposed cost sharing must be approved by your Department Chair and the Dean before submission. Cost share approval is provided in two ways: RAMP Transmittal and the Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering Cost Sharing Commitment Letter. Any cost share provided by the University must be approved by the VP of Research prior to submission.

What sources can be used as cost sharing?

Visit with your Department Chair to see what sources are available as cost share. The most common source of cost share is academic release time.

How much time should I allow to get cost share approved?

A budget and letter signed by your Department Chair must be submitted for the Dean's approval a minimum of seven (7) business days before the proposal deadline. It is also advisable to speak with the Dean about your project and the cost share requirement before a letter is submitted for signature.

How do I get a FastLane profile to submit proposals?

FastLane profiles are created by UH Division of Research. Contact vcerna [at] (Vicki Cerna-Bell) and she will request a profile be created for you.

Where can I find information to help develop a Data Management Plan?


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