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NAE Members

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National Academy of Engineering
National Academy of Engineering

Ten UH Cullen College of Engineering faculty are members of the National Academy of Engineering*. There have been several others throughout the history of the college and there are several alumni who belong to the academy, each of whom are listed below.

*Ten of these faculty list UH as their affliated organization on their National Academy of Engineering membership.

  • Amundson
    Neal R. Amundson †
    Cullen Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Dukler
    Abraham E. Dukler †
    Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Veletsos
    Andrew Veletsos
    Adjunct Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Luss
    Dan Luss
    Cullen Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Rhodes
    Allen F. Rhodes †
    Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Lee
    John Lee
    Cullen Distinguished University Chair, Petroleum Engineering
  • James M. Symons
    James M. Symons
    Cullen Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Benton F. Baugh
    Benton F. Baugh
    Adjunct Professor & Alumnus, Mechanical Engineering
  • Charles D. Cutler
    Charles D. Cutler
    UH Alumnus, Chemical Engineering
  • Michael Y.H. Pao
    Michael Y.H. Pao †
    Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Bonnie Dunbar
    Bonnie Dunbar
    UH Alumna, M.D. Anderson Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, Director of the Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program, Director of the UH STEM Center
  • John H. Lienhard
    John H. Lienhard
    M.D. Anderson Professor of Mechanical Engineering and History, Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering
  • Christine A. Ehlig-Economides
    Christine A. Ehlig-Economides
    Professor and William C. Miller Endowed Chair of Petroleum Engineering
  • Kaspar Willam
    Kaspar Willam
    Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • 2004
    Jamal J. Azar
    Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Petroleum Engineering