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Archived News — December 2017

Researchers Study Deepwater Gas Formation to Prevent Accidents
December 8, 2017
Work at UH Has Implications for Subsea Design and Operations A team of researchers from the University of Houston is working with the oil industry to develop new ways to predict...
Ph.D. student Alex Smith (left) and mechanical engineering professor Ralph Metcalfe are collaborating with researchers at the Texas Heart Institute to radically improve blood-pumping devices for patients with heart failure Thinking Big, Working Small: Collaboration of UH, Texas Heart Institute Could Make Heart Transplants Obsolete
December 6, 2017
In the United States, more than 6.5 million people live with varying stages of heart failure. About 4,000 of those suffer with hearts so compromised that a transplant is the only...
Coping with Culture Shock: Director of Graduate Admissions Pens Article on International Student Experience
December 5, 2017
Life as a college student is fraught with challenges: keeping up with classes, making new friends, learning new fields of study and working jobs and internships. But imagine also...