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Archived News — October 2009

Rogers Professor Travels to UK to Celebrate Civil Engineering Achievements
October 26, 2009
Jerry Rogers, an associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Houston, was among a select few to be present at a wreath laying ceremony this month for a famed...
Chen Professor to Develop Novel Networking Technology to Speed Data Transfers
October 22, 2009
Expanding the information superhighway goes far beyond consumers' desire to download video to portable devices more quickly. Popular culture has certainly created a demand for the...
Harold UH Granted $2.5 Million to Test Retrofit Devices That Clean Diesel Exhaust
October 21, 2009
Diesel engines are the workhorses of American economy, powering everything from heavy-duty construction vehicles and buses to ships. These engines are also one of the biggest...
A heavy-duty engine dynamometer is one of many new additions to the Texas Diesel Research and Testing Center. Photo by Thomas Shea. UH Diesel Center Finishes Expansion Doubling Size, Capabilities
October 13, 2009
The Texas Diesel Testing and Research Center at the University of Houston recently finished an expansion doubling its size and increasing its means to research and test retrofit...
Litvinov UH Researchers Nab New NIH Grant to Construct, Test Cancer Tool
October 12, 2009
A team of University of Houston researchers is among a select few to be awarded a competitive grant from the National Institutes of Health to create a technology that more...