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Four TD students nab ITMA scholarships
Alex Keimig
Pictured holding certificates in the front row of the photo are the four winners (L to R): Jenifer Mendoza, Nhan Ho, Emilee Eidlebach, and Horyrah Uddin.
Pictured holding certificates in the front row of the photo are the four winners (L to R): Jenifer Mendoza, Nhan Ho, Emilee Eidlebach, and Horyrah Uddin.

Four Technology Division students were recently awarded scholarships by local professional organization International Transport Management Association (ITMA) Houston.

"This particular scholarship is special to me as I was a recipient over 14 years ago as a doctoral student," said Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Program Director Margaret Kidd. "It is a great group of transportation, logistics, and supply chain professionals who give back to fill the talent gap."

Since 1985, ITMA has awarded $462,775 to Texas college and university students pursuing logistics-related degrees. The organization considers the awarding of scholarships and "giv[ing] back to the community" to be a core component of its purpose in Houston, in addition to fostering open communication in the industry and encouraging contemporary youth to consider careers in international transportation logistics.

The four awardees at the University of Houston — Emilee Eidlebach, Nhan Ho, Jenifer Mendoza and Horyrah Uddin — are Supply Chain & Logistics Technology (SCLT) students. A total of 13 students — the remaining nine representing Texas State University, Houston Community College, and Texas A&M Galveston — were awarded a combined $48,500 in scholarships at ITMA's Ann Wilson Memorial Scholarship Luncheon this year.

"I am a first-generation student, and I did not have the best start to my college career. Through life experiences, I was able to find out that a Supply Chain and Logistics Technology degree would help me get to the future I wanted to have,” said SCLT student and scholarship awardee Jenifer Mendoza. “Professor Kidd's drive inspired me to pursue new opportunities, just like applying for this award and securing a buyer internship at an oil and gas corporation. I am deeply honored to be one of the recipients and I am looking forward to starting the fall semester financially relieved.”

Also in attendance at this year's luncheon were members of both SIDO and SIDO at UH, as well as UH's own SCLT instructional professor Dan Cassler and SCLT instructional assistant professor Alfred Henson, Ph.D.

"ITMA provided a great environment for students and their accolades," Henson said. "As an educator, it was very fulfilling to watch students absorb attention from the industry perspective."

"I have been honored to be the scholarship director for ITMA over the last four years. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” said ITMA Scholarship Director Loren Bruening. “I’ve had the opportunity to engage with up-and-coming talent in our industry from a front row seat. I encourage all of you to find a way to get more involved with our next industry generation. If you do, you will soon realize that they will reward you more than you can reward them.”

He added, "We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to award four University of Houston students this year with a scholarship. I'm excited about our futures continuing to interact as we grow our relationship with the University of Houston and SIDO."

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