UH Cullen College of Engineering Hosts Open House for High School Students


Angie Shortt
Keh-Han Wang, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, shows high school students how waves are generated in a wavetank at the college’s Open House.

High school juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to meet world-class faculty and discover the advantages of earning an engineering degree from the University of Houston at the Cullen College of Engineering's Open House on Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Students will participate in hands-on activities in many of the labs open that day, including changing the colors of water in tank reactors, screaming in an acoustic chamber designed to measure sound levels, analyzing rocks for oil content, machining a wax UH logo using computer aided manufacturing and automatic data collection, and viewing a video of a zero-gravity flight experiment. Students also will use light-scattering probes to investigate protein solutions at the molecular level, watch waves being generated in a wavetank through glass sidewalls and observe wave interactions with an array of porous cylinders, and visit computer simulation labs and computer-aided design facilities.

In addition to campus tours, students also will be able to talk with engineering faculty about the various programs offered at UH to enhance their engineering learning experience.