'Images': Understanding Human Reactions Focus of UH Professor's Research

Haluk Ogmen, UH professor of electrical and computer engineering, discusses the UH Center for Neuro-Engineering & Cognitive Science in the latest edition of the 'Images' audio Web cast program. Main research of the center includes brain wave analysis; visual perception, how people see the world around them; and the potential of neuron- implants, small devices imbedded in the brain to record signals and activity.



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UH Researchers Improving Resolution in 3D Data Collected by Drones

Researchers will use a $1.89 million grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to determine how to reconcile images collected by drone with more precise images, allowing them to better understand how terrain has changed over time. Image: Canva

Drones have become a quick and relatively inexpensive way to capture on-the-ground images of geographic areas, offering valuable information to soldiers and others. But those images have a drawback: they often can’t accurately be compared with images taken previously – images which generally were collected using different standards and formats – in order to determine how the terrain has changed over time.