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Michael Harold, chairman of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, will lead a $2.1 million project to find new catalytic materials for a more efficient engine. Removing the Roadblocks to a More Efficient Car Engine
September 20, 2017
UH-Led Team is Developing Next-Generation Catalytic Technology to Cut Emissions Almost 160 years after the invention of the internal combustion engine, a new type of engine –...
What’s in the Water? Hurricane Harvey Renews Attention to UH Research on Galveston Bay Pollutants
September 15, 2017
In the days after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast, thousands of evacuated families returned to their homes to survey the flood damage and begin the long road to...
Artificial ‘Skin’ Gives Robotic Hand a Sense of Touch
September 13, 2017
UH Researchers Discover New Form of Stretchable Electronics, Sensors and Skins A team of researchers from the University of Houston has reported a breakthrough in stretchable...
Jerrod Henderson PROMES Director Jerrod Henderson Earns Inspiring STEM Leader Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine
September 8, 2017
Each year INSIGHT Into Diversity, a magazine and website devoted to increasing and embracing diversity in higher education, recognizes leaders from underrepresented groups who are...
Rigzone: Advice for Geotechnical Engineering Graduates from UH Civil Engineer
September 7, 2017
Geotechnical engineers toil in the mechanics of soil and rocks to design and build structures, roadways, levees and other systems that are supported by soil or rock. Career...
Cunjiang Yu, Bill D. Cook Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering, center, and co-first authors Xu Wang, left, and Kyoseung Sim, right) Breakthrough in Dissolving Electronics Holds Promise for Biomedicine
September 6, 2017
Discovery Has Applications for Eco-Friendly Disposal, Data Security and Healthcare Researchers from the University of Houston and China have reported a new type of electronic...
UH Civil Engineer Provides Science Behind Hurricane Harvey Floods to National Media
September 6, 2017
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and its devastating aftermath, many across the state of Texas were left asking how such catastrophic flooding could have occurred and what we can...
Cullen College Brilliance Descending on UH as New Engineering Faculty Join the Cullen College
September 5, 2017
Throughout the Cullen College of Engineering new faces and brilliant minds are joining the faculty in the 2017-2018 school year. The Cullen College proudly welcomes them to its...
Hurricane Harvey Resource Guide
August 30, 2017
The University of Houston MD Anderson Library is providing a guide to help navigate through the resources available in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and its devastating aftermath....
This schematic shows the structural evolution of titanium disulfide at different stages of intercalation. Interlayers are expanded or distorted as different amounts of pillaring molecules, complex cations and solvents are intercalated into the van der Waals gap of a host material at each stage. Researchers Report Breakthrough in Magnesium Batteries
August 24, 2017
Nanostructured Cathode, Understanding of New Electrolyte Lead to Greater Efficiency Magnesium batteries offer promise for safely powering modern life – unlike traditional lithium...