Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Documents requiring College Signature(s)

Documents submitted for college approval on cost centers which do not have sufficient equity to cover the expenditures will not be accepted. These documents cannot be approved without supporting documentation to show a funding commitment. Documents received without the necessary supporting documentation will be returned to you for corrections.

Documents for Dean’s Signature:

  • All documents for signature should be hand-delivered to the Administrative Assistant in the Dean's Office and should already have departmental approvals on the document (i.e. Department Chair, DBA signature or initials, etc).
  • Any document that is "late" should have an attached memo of justification
  • The Administrative Assistant will log all documents coming in
  • The Administrative Assistant will obtain appropriate signatures in Dean's Office
  • The Administrative Assistant will log the documents back out once appropriate signatures are obtained, and put them in the appropriate department mailbox.
  • In most cases, documents will be returned back to the department within 24 hours.
  • Note: Any documents that need additional approval from the Provost's Office will be scanned and sent electronically by the Dean's Office to the Provost's Business Office for handling.  The departments SHOULD NOT be reaching out to the Provost's Office directly.