Dr. Wolfe, John C.

Molecular Sensing Gets Boost from ECE Researcher


Everything from environmental monitoring to medical diagnostics could benefit from recent research conducted by a professor with the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering.

Researchers Develop Dual-Purpose Neural Probe


Researchers with the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering have developed a new neural probe that will give scientists new capabilities when studying small clusters of brain cells.

ECE Hosts Graduate Research Conference

For engineers to have successful careers as researchers, either in academia or industry, they need more than just skills in the laboratory. Almost as important is the ability to effectively, even compellingly, explain their work and why it matters.

Former Engineering Professor, Department Chair Dies

Wallace "Wally" Anderson poses outside the engineering buildings last spring. Photo by Thomas Shea

Wallace “Wally” Anderson, a former University of Houston department chair, died Tuesday in Galveston as a result of complications following a fall. He was 87.

During his 39 years with UH, Anderson was instrumental in growing the UH Cullen College of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. As the former chair, he not only helped increased the number of faculty, but also the amount of research being conducted within the department.

Professors Develop Technologies to Aid Study of Nervous System


Professors from the Cullen College of Engineering have created an implantable single electrode cuff and a wireless telemetry system allowing researchers to better understand how certain neurons in locusts’ brains process sensory information.

Nanomagnetics Research Utilized for Medical Technology Development

Dmitri Litvinov, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and of chemical and biomolecular engineering, develops new bionanomagnetic technologies in the Center for Nanomagnetic Systems. Photo by Mark Lacy.

A tabletop system capable of screening tens of thousands of drug candidates in an hour and a tool that can provide a foolproof cancer diagnosis with miniscule quantities of tissue obtained through non-invasive means are just two possible outcomes of research being conducted by a team of professors with the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering.

UH Technology Holds Promise for Multibillion Dollar Data Storage Industry

Imagine storing the entire Library of Congress on a Palm Pilot, or storing 1,000 movies on a 2-inch disk.

These are the kinds of the futuristic goals that could become feasible if UH engineers are successful in their bid to create the first nano-patterned medium recording (N-PMR) at the scale of one terabyte per square inch and explore the physical limits of magnetic data storage in units only four nanometers in size.

Nanotech Experts To Gather in Houston in April 2005

World experts in nanotechnology will gather in Houston next April to attend the Second Conference on Nanoscale Devices & System Integration (NDSI’05) sponsored by IEEE Nanotechnology Council and the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering. The NDSI’05 will be held at the Warwick Hotel on April 4-6, 2005.

Dean Announces 2002 Faculty Awards for Teaching, Research

Dean Raymond Flumerfelt announced the winners of this year's faculty teaching and research awards at the UH Cullen College of Engineering's annual Faculty and Staff Meeting on April 30.

Key-Han Wang claimed the W. T. Kittenger Teaching Excellence Award. Wang is an associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.