Dr. Metcalfe, Ralph

The Future of Space: Uncovering the Cosmos

For the first time in history, scientists are confident that exploration beyond Earth could realistically yield space tourism, Moon colonies, Mars missions and settlements, and extraterrestrial life, adding to the inevitable technological outgrowths that improve everyday life on Earth.

Professor Theorizes About Formation of Lava Beds on the Moon

A familiar face on the lunar surface, commonly called the “man in the Moon,” has inspired superstition and myth for generations on Earth, but scientists have concerned themselves more with theories about the geological origins of the large lava beds that form the vague image.

ConocoPhillips Donates Over $1 Million to UH


Continuing its commitment to education at the University of Houston, ConocoPhillips is donating $1 million to UH’s growing Energy Research Park (ERP) and $125,000 to various engineering, science and business programs.

Outstanding Students Named for 2010-11


The University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering has named recent graduate Jennifer Ngo and junior Ethan Pedneau the Outstanding Students for the 2010-11 academic year.

Ngo and Pedneau were chosen from a pool of 13 students selected from the college's seven undergraduate programs (not including petroleum). They were honored, along with other outstanding students from the area, at a recognition lunch during National Engineers Week (Feb. 13-19).

Graduate Student Nabs ASME Scholarship

Mohammad Wasy Akhtar was the only graduate student awarded the Hugh Cameron Scott Award from the South Texas Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Photo by Thomas Shea.

Mohammad Wasy Akhtar, a University of Houston mechanical engineering graduate student, was selected as this year’s recipient of the South Texas Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering’s Hugh Scott Cameron Award.

Engineering Researchers to Improve Test for Cardiovascular Disease


Two University of Houston professors are helping to keep your heart beating stronger, longer simply by monitoring the temperature of your fingertip.

VENDYS, a device mechanical engineering professors Stanley Kleis and Ralph Metcalfe helped to develop, is allowing doctors to monitor how changes in blood flow affect finger temperature to measure an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Engineering Professor to Head NIH Study Section


Ralph W. Metcalfe, professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering and mathematics, was recently appointed chair of the National Institutes of Health Cardiovascular Devices Study Section.

The study section’s scientific review administrator selected Metcalfe, who has served on the section since June 2004, for the position.

Physicians and Engineers Pool Resources to Prevent Stroke

Ralph Metcalfe, professor of mechanical engineering and deputy director of the UH biomedical engineering program, and his graduate student, Aishwarya Mantha, are working on a new tool to improve brain aneurysm treatment. Metcalfe and Mantha are working with physicians and scientists at the Methodist Neurological Institute (NI) to determine which brain aneurysms are at highest risk of rupture and could cause a stroke.

UH Biomedical Engineering Junior Wins Fellowship for Model of Human Vascular System

The American Society of Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) awarded a $500 fellowship to University of Houston biomedical engineering junior Hassan Khalil at their 51st Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. last weekend. The ten awards offered by ASAIO are separated into two categories—one for undergraduate students and another for graduate students and professional engineers. Khalil was awarded a fellowship from the latter group.

Metcalfe, Vekilov Named Deputy Directors for Biomedical Engineering Program

The Biomedical Engineering Program, which was launched last fall by the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering, is quickly attaining a full staff with director Matt Franchek naming Ralph Metcalfe and Peter Vekilov as deputy directors for the program. Franchek, who has been recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering Dynamic Systems and funded by the National Science Foundation, serves as the mechanical engineering chairman.