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Dr. Bannova, Olga

Future UH Astronauts Take Their Space Among Interstellar Award Winners

The habitat envisioned by four Cullen College grad students that can sustain life on the moon of Phobos

Thomas Lagarde has a prediction for us: “In 20 years we are all going to be astronauts.”

“All of us?”

“Yes, you, me, the guy in the office over there, all of us,” he continues.

“But you’re getting your master’s in space architecture, not me!”

“It doesn’t matter,” he persists. “In 20 years the space program will be so privatized that you will buy a ticket for Mars as easily as for Europe.”


A Stellar Summer: Two Cullen College Students Space Out in Moscow

Most of us are quite comfortable to report that over summer vacation we participated in the typical leisure activities that recharge our scholastic batteries. Maybe we hung out at the beach, hung ten on a surfboard or hung ten knuckles over the controller of an Xbox.


SICSA Reception

On Wednesday, November 18, the University of Houston’s Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) hosted an invitation-only reception that brought together leaders in the space and aerospace industries across the Houston region to promote the center, its academic programs, and the success of its students and alumni.