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Spring 2024
Research Enterprise Powerhouse
Fall 2023
Cullen College Merger Expands Access For Research And Student Success
Fall 2022
Engineered for What's Next
Spring 2022
A Better World by Design
Fall 2021
Celebrating 80 Years Of The Cullen College
Spring 2021
Building Hope in a Pandemic
Fall 2020
The Story Of UH’s First Black Woman Chemical Engineer
Spring 2020
Follow Her Lead: Faith Malton Is [Re] Engineering A Better World
Fall 2019
A New Era of Engineering Excellence
Spring 2019
Fall 2018
Everyday Superheroes
Spring 2018
The Next Big Thing
Fall 2017
The Houston Dream
Spring 2017
Secret Lives of Engineers
Fall 2016
Straight From the Movies
Spring 2016
Small Ideas/Big Impacts: The Entrepreneur Issue
Fall 2015
Cracking the Brain Code
Spring 2015
Cosmic Trailblazers: Exoplanets, Extraterrestrial Life, the Moon and Mars
Fall 2014
Houston’s Hidden Heroes: The Brains Behind the Bayou City
Spring 2014
Engineering the Future of Healthcare
Fall 2013
Frontiers: Pioneering Petroleum Retrieval
Spring 2013
Building the Grid of the Future
Fall 2012
Geosensing Engineering
Spring 2012
Life Inside the Cell
Fall 2011
Nuclear Infrastructure
Spring 2011
The Neural Network
Fall 2010
The Innovation Superhighway
Spring 2010
Recalibrating Our Vision
Fall 2009
Sustaining the Environment
Spring 2009
Biomedical Engineering
Fall 2008
Interdisciplinary Research: Materials
Spring 2008
The Road Less Traveled
Fall 2007
Emerging Energy Solutions
Spring 2006
Bionanotechnology: The Edge of Detection
Spring 2005
Engineering A Better Experience
Fall 2004
Spring 2004
Engineering Leaders
Fall 2003
Engineering The Environment
Spring 2003
Sporting Engineering
Fall 2002
Spring 2002
A Salute to UH Engineering
Fall 2001
UH Reengineers Energy Industry