University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering


Graduate Fellowship In Clinical Translation

Meet the Faculty Mentors

Each of the UH and HMRI faculty mentors are listed beneath their project titles. To learn more about a faculty mentor, please click on their name.

Project Title: Cytokines and costimulatory factors in T cell survival, activation and regulatory function
  • HMRI Mentor: Xian Li (Immunobiology and Transplantation Research)
  • UH Mentor: Tianfu Wu (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title: Understanding and Modeling Nanoparticle Transport During Drug Delivery
Project Title: Engineering Models to Investigate the Impact of Immune Deficiencies and Malnutrition and Mtb Metabolic Fitness and Persistence
Project Title: Minimally invasive techniques to assess the recovery of bladder function after spinal cord injury interventions
  • HMRI Mentor: Alvaro Munoz (Neuro-Regeneration)
  • UH Mentor: Yingchun Zhang (Biomedical)
Project Title: Synthesis of H2O2 Nanocatalysts for Next Generation Point-of-Care Volumetric-Bar-Chart-Chip
Project Title: Exploiting the distinct mechanical characteristics of cancer cells for optimizing cellular transport
Project Title: Nanodelivery system for cardiac tissue engineering
Project Title: Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Multimodal Assessment of Tissue Architecture, Morphology,and Function